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  1. Please let me know as to GA tickets or red zone tickets available for this Saturday in Chicago thank you
  2. will tickets be those stupid flash tickets or paper tickets? I ended up eating two tickets last tour because I couldn't go and couldn't ever give them away for the Quebec show.
  3. I scored 2 tickets to the GMZ also! I wanted GA but only had the option of seats for $190 each. Screw that. If I'm paying $380 whats another $300 to have GMZ. This will be my 15th show and my #1 bucket list. See the band I love in their home town! Now on to the plane tickets, finding hostels and what do do in Ir for a week!
  4. 6 AM can't get here soon enough! I'm ready to buy the plane tickets and start booking the Hostels! This has been my bucket list since i first saw Rattle and Hum. Man I hope I can score some tickets
  5. I"ll be waiting with code in had at 0600 my time tomorrow. I'm thinking the 24th show is the best bet? Thoughts?
  6. Nobody I know has received the email yet with the pre-sale code. Anyone hear of anyone geting the email yet? Just to clarify tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10:00 AM Dublin time correct? Only for Ireland club members?
  7. Actually displayed when my wife logged onto her account. Mine did not have it.
  8. Just logged on to find this... YOU WILL FIND YOUR PRE-SALE ACCESS CODE ON THE TOUR PAGE. I don't see pre-sale code anywhere on tours page. Anyone else?
  9. Either night would be great!
  10. Looking for two GA to NY Thursday July 30th.
  11. Just curious how you are swamping tickets when the Montreal ones you have to have the debit or credit card you purchased them with to get in? I have to eat two GA tickets on the second night as i can't attend now.
  12. Like an idiot I looked at the presale wrong and tried to buy them today... Ugh and ugh again.
  13. I thought these tickets were not refundable and non transferable? has that changed?
  14. I live in Houston, tx so i won't be shoing up. thanks for the info hopefully something can be worked out. I can live with the $160 loss but it pisses me off a fan won't get to enjoy the tickets.
  15. June 13th. I called the venue and the evenko who sold the tickets and they told me I was SOL there are no transferes of tickets. I said "so you'd really rather not have a persona attend and buy beer, food, etc? You'd rather just have the tickets go to waste?"
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