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    Family, Travel, kids football, Celtic and amazing gigs
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    celtic Park 1993 both nights
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    Twickenham Joshua Tree
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    Adam, coolness personified
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    INXS Powderfinger, queen, stone roses

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  1. Apart from the new album, is it time for some live rarities to be played. Id love to hear All I want Is you live its my 20th wedding anniversary this year and that was our first dance. I've not missed a tour since Celtic Park 1993 and I've not heard it yet. Oh and Bono to get the Mrs and i onstage to recreate that first waltz would be amazing !!
  2. if i dont get Manchester tickets ill likely have a Travelodge room available that i booked on the announcement day
  3. ive been a subscriber pre 2017 paid and mine says iinnocence ?
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