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  1. That is true they are not CC entry. Mike said that if your card is lost you can bring your statement as long as it has the CC number. If it expires it still works as the magnetic strip still reads the CC number. I really don't like having this restriction. I understand the scalper problem, but sometimes there are mistakes regular fans make!
  2. I was on the phone with them all morning today. Originally I was told that I could exchange my tickets. I bought seats on error when I wanted Red Zone. So, because RZ is VIP they wouldn't do the exchange! They wont refund me or let me sell or transfer the order. I now have for NY: Sec. 134 Row 7 Seats 25 & 26 Sec. 116 Row 9 Seat 13 And I am in the hole for $900. "Mike" the supervisor said that I could sell the tickets, cancel my credit card and the card will still allow for access. Has anyone ever done this?
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