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  1. Do you still need a wristband to get into the GA sections if you get there later in the day? I can't get there until later in the afternoon.
  2. Do you still need a wristband to get into the GA sections if you show up later? I can't get there until later in the day.
  3. I was shocked how fast it took me to get 2 GA's for Boston. I have never been able to get GA's or good seats that easy before. I do feel bad for those that did not get the presale code. I have been a fan since the 80's and was worried that I would be shut out. I hope that they can get the tickets they want.
  4. For the first time ever, I have been able to purchase 2 GA tickets without any issues! I am in shock! Do I think it is unfair that many U2 fans here have been shut out of the pre-sale, most definitely! The fact that U2 fans here had to verify and pay a second time in one year, their fan membership, is not fair at all! I do hope that every U2 fan gets their tickets for this show.
  5. I just completed the verified subscriber. I had to sign out and then sign back in to make sure it was complete. I do believe that no subscriber should have to renew when their existing subscription was still in effect until next year. To have to renew two times in one year is kind of a rip off! I better get good seats this time or I will be done with my subscription! I love U2 and have followed them for many years. I have gone to many shows and purchased a lot of music and U2 products. I can't believe that U2 thinks this is going to keep the scalpers from getting tickets! I know many of the ti
  6. Redsoxrule. Thanks for the information. I appreciate it.
  7. What happens if you can't get to Boston by 8am of the wristband process? I'm never very lucky in the wristband thing anyway. Can you still get into GA when the gates open? I have a GA ticket but only bought it because it was the cheapest one I could afford. I don't care about being upfront. I just want to see the show, without a lot of hassle. I was in the inside circle during the last tour and had a bad experience. I don't mind being on the outside but don't want to be shut out if I show up later in the day.
  8. I just received the email about the GA wristband process for the show I am going to tomorrow night. They said the wristband process starts at 8am! I only bought the GA ticket because it was the cheapest ticket I could get. I don't care about being upfront. I also can't afford to go into Boston twice. I also don't want to go into Boston that early for a show. Will I still get in the GA area when I show up later in the day for the show? I have had bad experiences with GA in the past and want to avoid any confrontations at the show. I just want to enjoy the show, as I have in the past.
  9. I just went back into Ticket Master and they asked me to do a survey. Let's just say that I did not provide a positive review of their website! I let them know that this has been the worst ticket buying experience of my life! I told them if I have my way, I would never use their website or service ever again!
  10. So I finally was able to buy one GA ticket for $87, late this afternoon. I am still upset at this process. There was no need for Ticket Master to have so many problems with all the technology that we have today. They had to have known about these pre-sales long before we did. They should have been ready. I hope others in this first pre-sale get the tickets they want.
  11. I did not get any tickets at the cheaper prices! I don't know about anyone else here but I can't afford over $300 for one ticket in the nose bleed seats! I can't believe how bad this ticket buying experience was today! This takes me back to the days of calling up Ticketmaster, and being on hold forever, getting disconnected, lines busy all day long! I am beyond pissed off. I am going to try with tomorrow's presale, but I really shoudn't have to do that because I am in the eperience member and should have been able to get the GA tickets or spend no more that the $87 for the next level, not over
  12. That's it for me U2! I am done! I have been a long time fan for probably as long as you have been around! I will NOT pay $300 for a ticket when I am a paid member! This should have been a slam dunk for all of us who have the presale code! I will be no longer a member! Goodbye!
  13. seriously now I get in and only the most expensive tickets are available at almost $300 a piece?! WTF?! This is unbelievable!
  14. and now I have a black screen and nothing else, nice, real nice!
  15. and now it is completely going bonkers on me!? seriously!
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