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  1. Back to the original post/question - very simply for me it was THE album that got me into U2, The Fly completely blew my head off. At a time when I 'knew' U2, had the Joshua Tree and Unforgettable Fire, that took it all to another level. Such a different sound. Not just to TJT but to EVERYTHING else around at the time, new, fresh, exciting. Bono's personas on the tour, Zooropa sweeping in as an icing on the cake - how can a band reinvent themselves like that?!. Boom. Cha. Just a phenomenal time for the band, and for me :-). I've seen them 20 times live...but never caught the Zoo! I am going to be ecstatic if they play an AB tour a la JT2017!!!
  2. UK - got mine this week (no email notifiction, just a 'missed delivery card' when I got home). Have to say they are really good :-)
  3. still waiting here (UK).....pre-ordered deluxe via U2.com. No email to inform me when to expect it. It's been out 2 full days now in UK, tomorrow is Sunday so I won't receive it then, meaning IF it comes Monday that's four days after release...for my pre-order :-(
  4. Yep. Another frustrated fan here. I pre-ordered as soon as the option became available via U2.com (to also get ticket presale code). Album has now been available for 2 full days here in UK - my pre-ordered album hasn't arrived, and no email to let me know when to expect it. And tomorrow is a Sunday so won't be delivered tomorrow. Which means IF it comes on Monday that'll be 4 days from release, for my pre-order :-(
  5. Albums: Achtung Baby Zooropa Pop Joshua Tree No Line On The Horizon Unforgettable Fire Songs: The Fly Ultraviolet God Part II Mofo A Sort Of Homecoming Please Out Of Control Kite Where The Streets Have No Name Vertigo Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me The Electric Co. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses Miss Sarajevo Lemon Bad Spanish Eyes In God's Country Zooropa I Will Follow (It really grieved me to leave No Line On The Horizon and Breathe off that songs list - so close!)
  6. Agree! I think this has the makings of a fantastic album! The Blackout is my contender for tour opener.........a bit like when Elevation was used with the house lights up for that tour, and then blackout part way through! I think American Soul is excellent. GOOYOW is growing on me with every listen. I'm excited for this album :-D
  7. Really enjoyed that Yardie! 3mins of intro, drums, guitar! I don't see it being the opener - but you are right, nobody in the stadium would be disappointed with that!!
  8. I'm dreaming out loud here (I think they will play more SoI, some SoE, and probably less Rattle & Hum, but hey ho!). I think it will be full to the brim with 'warhorses' as I see one of the main purposes of this tour being to 'reconnect' with some older fans to generate renewed interest for the new album.......So, here goes! Lol, this is fun :-D ..... Intro - Beautiful Ghost/Songs of Experience SET 1 1. Out of Control 2. Gloria 3. Sunday Bloody Sunday 4. New Year’s Day 5. Pride 6. Bad................. 7. Where The Streets Have No Name 8. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For 9. With or Without You 10. Bullet The Blue Sky 11. Running To Stand Still 12. Red Hill Mining Town 13. In God’s Country 14. Trip Through Your Wires 15. One Tree Hill 16. Exit 17. Mothers of the Disappeared Encore 1 (Intro – Drunk Chicken/America) {Trump Video} 18. Desire (Hollywood Remix) {Trump Video} 19. God Part II 20. Angel of Harlem 21. All I Want Is You Encore 2 (Chopping Down The Tree) 22. Zoo Station 23. An absolute belting, classic, epic rock track off Songs of Experience 24. Vertigo 25. Beautiful Day 26. 40
  9. For anyone who was unsuccessful with tickets...keep trying! Sat here with a Friday beer listening to TJT on Spotify, popped on Ticketmaster and nabbed two decent seats for Twickers on Sunday 9th!! Happy days :-D (There were pairs of tickets in four different blocks when I searched!)
  10. Hearing Exit is going to be incredible.....(as will all TJT songs!)....but then give me: God Part II, Hawkmoon, Silver & Gold, Spanish Eyes!
  11. Got London GA no problem. Ticketmaster imploded when I tried searching Dublin though Happy boy!
  12. Just paid 70quid for GA tickets - reasonable I would say. Seats go up to £180ish I think
  13. My account info states I'm in the Red Hill Group (Long term subscribers)!!!!!!So looks like they are differentiating! :-D
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