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  1. There were definitely Red Zones in the Sydney pre-sale. Good luck
  2. Thanks Max! I couldn't find that on the site - although I was on my phone before
  3. Hello all! we have been members since back in the day (that little metal card is still in a drawer somewhere). I am just checking in to see if Red Hill is the O.G. Pre sale group so I can get the site to swap me over by next week if I am in the wrong one! They change the names all the time and last membership rollover we got moved to a lower tier by accident.
  4. We've been members of the site since it launched, and this week when we renewed our subscription we have been bumped from the EXPERIENCE group of ticket pre-sales to the INNOCENCE group. The guy on the phone said we were a few days late so it was too bad but! We think that's pretty rich considering you haven't even sent our subscriber gift from last year yet! I honestly can't believe how rude the operator on the phone was. Genuinely didn't care. He even said that they ran out of gifts because too many people subscribed last year after they were announced - so I guess joining before
  5. Question ... answered. I was just looking in the wrong place. http://community.u2.com/r...N-HELP.html#reply-508178 Lucky we used different credit cards cos frankly ... we don't have the credit on just one for 8 tickets! haha Feel the love, Baja.
  6. Well, in the defence of web geeks everywhere large batch emails like that can take hours to process, especially on a database as large as the U2.com one. We used to have a database of 100,000 people and when we did a targeted mail out it could take around 2 hours. So many people could have received their email a few hours or even the night before. Batch email and SMS are tricky things - and often have to be 'approved' by ISP spam filters and the like.
  7. That's what we thought - and the email from U2.com contradicted that and implied that it was per code - not per member. I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy over tickets! haha Oh well. Fingers crossed. Hopefully we will know before next Friday. But awesome to hear the happy stories - especially the people who could manage the [RED] zone. You guys are gonna have a wicked night!
  8. Nice one. I thought that was the case, but tend to get a bit edgy when it comes to U2 tickets! Thanks.
  9. OK OK - now I am confused. Previously happy - logged on to read everyone's happy stories, but am now a little puzzled. We had 2 codes. When I looked at the ticket website yesterday it said 4 tickets per city for the presale code - 8 tickets per person for the general sale. We needed more for our family, so had expected to try our luck for the rest next week. We bought our first 4 tickets (GA). Then half an hour after the presale started we got the email that said our presale codes would allow: "FOUR TICKETS for any ONE show in a single transaction." and then down a paragraph
  10. Easiest ticket purchase ever! Thanks heaps!! One thing though, it would have been easier to get an email with all of the info the day before. We seemed to get one every second day for the American tour last year. Still, the new look site made it easy to find the info. Nice one!
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