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  1. So I asked about this in a different thread last Tuseday, but no one had an answer at that point....didn't register for the TM verified fan general onsale 'cause I didn't want to purchase from the first round of dates, so does this mean now I have no code for any possible added US dates on this leg in a TM vf onsale?? Or does this tweet from TM mean just for these first round dates??....sheesh! Buying tix shouldn't really be this confusing, right? I mean, seriously TM/LN....
  2. Does anyone know if you need to be registered thru TM Verified Fan now for possible added shows? I haven't done that process as I do not want tix to the currently announced shows on sale and don't want to possibly take up a spot that should go to someone actually wanting to buy now. But if they will pull from same original batch of registrations...
  3. Loving all the pics...would love to see one of Larry too
  4. Listening in the car & can't sit still! It'll be a miracle if I don't run into something!
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