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  1. An Unknown to me too. Just cant stop listening The troubles. So delicate and deep, for me. Very happy with this new album.
  2. it' not my favorite, bus is not that bad..... This one is one of my favorites, can't stop listening. "I have a will for survival So you can hurt me then hurt me some more I can live with denial But you're not my troubles anymore" The Troules. U2 Does Bono read my mind or what ?
  3. Thanks. Lovely voice. Really nice and different song. A great of. Valeu colega
  4. Does anyone know who's singing with Bono on the last song "The troubles"?
  5. Happy Birthday , Bono. The show here in São Paulo, Brasil was the best I ever had !!! Loads of Love ! xxxxx
  6. Happy Birthday BONO !!! Wish you the best, always! Love u :@)
  7. Tell me about ,Out of Control, Zooropa and North Star !!! I can't stop smiling!! Was the best show I ever been in my life.
  8. Happy Birthday!!! All the best! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Mariabella
  9. I'll try to get tickets for the 3rd show, but if I dont , it's ok.I new DVD will be great, the audience here in Brasil is very passionate.
  10. Thanks God , this time I got my ticket!!
  11. I GOT MY TICKET !!!!!!!! woo hoo Almost 5 hours @ a line and finally got my ticket!!! I'm so so so so HAPPY !!!
  12. Another show for São Paulo!!!! woo hoo THanks a lot ! Now I'll get my ticket, I'm sure. HAppy, happy, happy !!!! http://www1.folha.uol.com...sao-paulo-em-abril.shtml
  13. Another show will be very nice ! P L E A S E !!! http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/ilustrada/841945-ingressos-para-show-do-u2-em-sao-paulo-estao-esgotados.shtml
  14. I REALLY hope there's another date. Very sad that I couldn't buy thickets .
  15. Exactly what I was thinking, MacFoley!
  16. Max você é o cara !! Max you're the man! Thanks for your help, You 're very kind.
  17. I'll love to sing along these songs too! "Stand Up"is a very strong rock music and the lyrics are perfect!
  18. Same here! It's so wierd....People don't like , but didn't listen.One of the best albuns in y opinion.
  19. Como não tenho o código de pre venda , vou tentar no sábado , pois sou cliente Citibank.Espero que eu consiga. Não vou conseguir dormir direito até conseguir um ingresso, da outra vez fiquei 18 horas na fila, e ficaria de novo, valeu muito à pena. Acho que vai ter mais uma data. Mas já queria garantir para o primeiro show. Obrigada pelas informações quem sabe a gente se encontra lá no Morumbi . XXX
  20. Ãh tá..... Vou tentar comprar no sábado, espero que ainda tenha..... Valeu!
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