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  1. Not sure if anyone else had this issue, but I thought I purchased tickets for MSG/NY 7/23 - confirmation number appeared on the phone app, but there are no tickets in my order history and no confirmation email. When I attempted to purchase again, receiving message that there are no more tickets for this promotion. Also received error message stating I exceeded the limit. Charge is appearing on my credit card online, but no order in my ticketmaster history. I emailed ticketmaster this morning but have not received a response. Resolved Update: 12/5 - I called TM and they said the order is
  2. Not sure exactly, but my VIP party ticket says 5:00pm. I assume that's when they open doors, but not sure when they do the lottery for the backstage tour. If you arrive around 5pm you should be good, but you may be waiting around for a while if you don't win the backstage tour thing.
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