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  1. Here from California as well. I’m going to tomorrow’s show. I’m hoping I can get in tonight. I’m looking for a GA ticket. I’m hoping to have some luck.
  2. Thank you! You’re awesome!
  3. Has the The Forum GA line began? If so where and when will it start? What parking lot area? Please help. I’m heading there tomorrow morning.
  4. Absolute worst ticket buying experience. The worst! Once again Stub Hub and all the Scalpers have put a number on us!
  5. Yes this is very disappointing. How did this "Verified Fan" help? It's the worse. Simply "The Worse"!
  6. If anyone has qty 2 GA tickets for this show for sale please let me know. From one U2 fan to another, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
  7. A TRUE and Loyal U2 fan in desperate search of 2 GA tickets for this show. If anyone has any extra's please let me know. I'd truly appreciate it! I got stuck at a meeting at work and could not purchase any during the sale. Thank you! Anyone? 2 GA's??? Please!
  8. True fan looking for 2 tickets lower section or general admission. Please let me know. Thanks!
  9. I'm sorry! It's the weekend. We are good! No problem. My name is Jorge number is [MOD EDIT: PLEASE DO NOT POST PERSONAL INFORMATION ON THE BOARD. USE THE PMs. Thanks] we can get this situated
  10. Awesome! For sure we won't have a problem. It's going to be a total of five of us. 4 of us have tickets so that's the reason we need one. I appreciate it man!!! How much are you asking for your ticket?
  11. If anyone has one GA ticket available for this show please let me know. My good friend was unable to get one. I'd appreciate it. Thank you all!
  12. By the way I'm a true fan. Not a scalper.
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