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  1. I visited Costa Rica a few times, and I remember some people talking about Soda Stereo, I guess they were pretty huge! I never would have made a connectionbetween them and U2 though, that's really cool.
  2. ceallach67 wrote: How is it that others' opinions of U2 bother you so greatly? I mean, I know plently of people who don't like U2 at all but it doesn't make me love them any less. And I certainly don't have an issue with something as trivial as people not liking a song that I happen to love. For example, there are plently here who have posted about disliking Miracle Drug which happens to be a song that means a great deal to me personally. Sure as hell people's contrary opinions didn't change or affect my feelings about that song. So my question is, if you're really a U2 fan or as
  3. Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts is pretty good.
  4. meweavy wrote: worse track on the album.shouldve release fez. It's the most radio friendly songs that get the single release. To me, I think Fez is incredible, but I know this was going to be one of those songs thatalthough a great song, will get lost in the mix as Crazy Tonight, Boots and Magnificent get the radio play.
  5. 123love wrote: ''Where no man has ever been before.'' I feel so wise now!
  6. pwoodley wrote: How could they get tired of I will follow..please get real I can honestly say that they must feel the need to give that one a break. I love that song just as much as the next U2 freak, but I'd take Ultravioletor Unforgettable Fire over I will follow any day of the week, I've only been to 3 U2 shows and I've heard that in 2 of them already. Plus, it'sone of the oldest songs the set, I hear artists usually get tired of playing certain songs.
  7. Sorry to say I was not at that particular show, but I do remember seeing Smashmouth open for the boys in Minneapolis. They were good with the exception of meshouting for them to hurry up so I can see my boys! I usually end up liking the opening act, so it balances itself out.
  8. Hey, I'm a Wanderer! Woo-Hoo!!
  9. I also wonder if they simply get tired of playing songs like that.
  10. I think the songs selected are songs that reflect the new songs with the exception of Vertigo. I kinda like the set they came up with. I can't believe nobody mentioned how Bullet the Blue Sky is not on the set for a change, hasn't it been on every concert since '87?
  11. I think by giving the fans Unforgettable Fire and Ultraviolet, as well as Electrical Storm, the boys have already treated us well. I hope we don't get tooupset over the set they choose to play.
  12. Always Forever Now would be pretty sweet. I think I read that they considered using that song, but Larry hated the idea. I may be wrong, but didn't Larryhate the Passengers experience anyway?
  13. I was in Mr. Benson's class in 1st grade!
  14. I was in Mr. Benson's class in 1st grade!
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