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  1. BTW, I'm packing for Vancouver today!! Heading up tomorrow! Anjana.... remember PattiH? I think we will finally meet!
  2. I do feel badly for Larry.... sad timing. Happened on Sunday, right? I would think it would be difficult to jump on a tour right away. But with his dedication to fans, I think if it was going to change anything we would know by now...
  3. oh bring your dog!!! it would be great to meet all of the zootop dogs :-)
  4. Could I get in on Mich's ticket??? Always wanted to come to your fair land, and meeting up with the zootops would be amazing.... (I know, I know, I'm not around enough..... no one knows who I am any more!! but I'm still a zootop in my heart!!)
  5. in fact, we're headed to Vancouver for this tour, and just confirmed an apartment / condo on VRBO for less than $100/night, near the venue, and it looks really great. we've had great luck on that site.... check it out :-)
  6. just fyi, we came to boston to see bruce a couple yrs ago, and we found an awesome deal on an apartment on VRBO.... it was located downtown, an incredible location and relatively inexpensive. Clean, private, and PERFECT! just a thought!
  7. come back on line more often to say Hello Hello to all the lovely peeps here! Haha toooo funny the mango joke is still alive and kicking! (lol I was looking for the last number so I could "count" correctly!)
  8. It is better each time I listen..... liked it right away, lovin it more each time.
  9. Now I can't WAIT for the sub gift..... I'm such a sucker... lol
  10. 12679! Hellllooooooo and Gooooooodbyyyyyyyyeeee ANJ!!
  11. Hello all! Just renewed. haha I'm with you Anjana, holding out for the next tour, not wanting to let my membership lapse....
  12. 12190 - just busy busy.... not much 'puter time... spend most of my time waiting for a new album! (not)
  13. 12188 Anj!! hello hello hello!!! everything here is SO different!! HOW ARE YOU!!
  14. haven't received mine yet.... should I be worried?? haha I'd email, but no one ever replies.... :-(
  15. haven't been in in ages..... don't even recognize this place!! very strange!....12186
  16. 11282- unable to log on for the longest time.... now I'm able, and EXCITED with the new music and a new album in the near future....Plus I just discovered UR radio which I LOVE!!!! and a guiness and whiskey on board.... and I miss you guys!!!!! ARE we excited about a potential NEW TOUR??????
  17. It's a Beautiful Day

    1. Anjana


      niiiiikkkkiiii hellooooo:D

    2. pain_18_


      Don't Let it Get Awaaayy...Touch me, touch me, take me to that other place !!!!!!!!!! What a song, it becomes better & better with time, just like Wine !!!

  18. It's a Beautiful Day

  19. 8457 - lol too excited to finally be able to log in.... can't think of anything to say!! esp. about FISH N CHIPS! haha
  20. Finally able to log in !! Surprise K-)

  21. Finally able to log in !! Surprise K-)

  22. 7258 Haven't been able to sign in in AGES!! Stopped trying after awhile..... surprised to suddenly be in this morning :-) Hellooooooo!
  23. cold and rainy here...... trying to decide just what to do with my day.... gotta work all wknd so I gotta make it good today, right? Thanks guys for the sweet thoughts about my puppy.... I might google argos to see what we're missing over here! 885 a chauffer and handyman for the snow, what a PERFECT idea 123 :-)
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