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  1. OMG that picture turned out way to big;;;;;;;;;!! oops again..... 865.....anyway , you get the idea.! (and thank you to those who have posted on my FB page!! I feel like the lot of us are dog people and understand.........)
  2. well helloooooo everyone!! oops...... 864!..... wow Janette, what a mess! cold and rainy here too, ..... and the house is toooooooo quiet. We lost our best friend and faithful companion, 2 weeks ago. Can NOT get used to not having him at my side, by my feet, greeting me at the door, listening to me prattle.... and just being here to be loved on...... he was such a great dog. .....
  3. and no real explanation!! p.s. we are all adults and the monitoring and censoring is ridiculous..... but I agree, make them less visible to non member type folks, (guests) and then it is all IN house, and we can say what we want! Paid and not paid...... but members only....
  4. 564- that is really SO cool Jen..... what an amazing thing to look forward to!
  5. 563- I musta missed some big news, but CONGRATS! Jen! (now must read back for the details!)
  6. 508 - that is SO easy to do Terri!! haha glad I'm not the only one!
  7. 496 - finding the last entry is complicated!!! I THINK i'm on the last page! haha, reading back has convinced me.... time to resub. :-)
  8. i was SO missing these little guys! haha great to see them here (this is what i was doing last week... )
  9. 41 - gone a week and only up to 40??? uh oh, kinda a slow start....
  10. 28 - good morning from the West coast....... cold grey day..... but feels good to be counting...
  11. 17 - i know! feels a little silly to be so ridiculously happy to have the zoo back! I just picked a background pic for my profile, ...... easier to do than the old zoo!
  12. It does seem confusing.... but I remember the last one did too at first..... but labrynth is exactly what it feels like!!!
  13. 15 Pollyanna!!!!! hello hello!
  14. 13 - NOW I've found what I was looking for.... Didn't feel like home till I found the COUNTING thread!! haha
  15. 64636- well it brightened my morning considerably! and i'm off..... it is ridiculously early here, and may try to sleep a bit more...... hugs!
  16. 64633- i'm good Anj... just played in you profile haha and read the whole thing again.... i do love it! and i LURVE the new Christmas photo of the boys, and their speech bubbles..... hahahahahahahahahah I'll smile when they do! hahahahhahahahaha and i'd totally forgotten about your happy hand that shook Edge's sexy chord playing hand..... and STAYING NEXT DOOR!!!!!!!!!!! OMG...... sigh.....
  17. 64630- how are you zhiv?? moving a little better? sounds a long day in the kitchen.... glad you have help!
  18. 64629- more blue lights than i've seen in ages! good morning!
  19. you still around spicy?? i gotta check out pretty quick... this was fun tho! see you soon....
  20. if michael stipe can surprise us, then there is still HOPE!!!!!!!
  21. you like billy joel spicy?? i used to , but kinda out grew him, i think!
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