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  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i was 23 once.... ( if i remember correctly!! haha)
  2. ok i like the rhythm and energy, i'll give them that ... !
  3. haha i'm not sure.... trying to be open minded! lol.... not my favorite music... (i'm pretty certain my age is showing! )
  4. just downloaded the newest Alicia Keys ..... (one click is TOOOOOO easy!)
  5. almost 3 hours, and no body surfing, loved every moment.... so much energy and enthusiasm and FUN
  6. actually ya his abs aren't too bad! but just don't match the rest of him!!!
  7. we saw bruce in boston this summer.... OMG it was a dream come true.... SO AWESOME! and our first time.... what a great trip. Boston was amazing...... but Bruce..... wow. =D
  8. and the Stones still sound amazing.... which is kinda amazing! lol, considering!
  9. but they do sound good, and ya i like them (not sure I realized they were still alive! lol)
  10. ok, just sayin', but he needs to button his shirt..... haha
  11. wish i'd been home for the Boss at the beginning! did you catch it spicy??
  12. [quote name='xtraspicy62 wrote: nikki1120 wrote: xtraspicy62'] hes mad about the asbestos and black mold and lack of power....
  13. [quote name='xtraspicy62 wrote: nikki1120']haha i'm glad you're here tonight spicy!! this is more fun with you....
  14. haha i'm glad you're here tonight spicy!! this is more fun with you....
  15. i was just thinking i'd call if bruce springsteen was there... lol.... but i think i'll donate on line! haha lemme know who you get!
  16. it is a LITTLE suprising... this is the kind of thing Bono loves.... wonder what he's up to tonight....
  17. i was just thinkin i gotta check her out... i like what i'm hearing....
  18. got your card today spicy... THANK YOU!!!! looking forward to the coffee in the morning
  19. thot the same!! wouldn't it be so great to BE there??
  20. haha and i can probably FIT into volunteering!! lol
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