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  1. Santiago pre-sale is a MESS, a COMPLETE DISASTER After unsuccessful purchases the pre-sale codes are shown as invalid!! You are not allowed to try your purchase again because it says that your code has been used (even though you didn't buy anything!!!) Then the international phone number you provided is always busy.... Who can help us out here???
  2. Thanks! And fingers crossed here for you to get your presale code soon ;-)
  3. Ohh I see....hope you are right, some friends of mine are planning to buy tickets and are a bit nervous about it. Thanks HarleyGirlU2! :-)
  4. Hi, Is it true that foreigners won't be able to buy tickets for Chile in u2.com presale? Customer Service from ticketmaster.cl say that their web page does not allow foreigners to buy tickets. It seems that they ask for a valid Chilean Id (RUT) to allow purchase. Tnx!
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