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  1. Mine was delivered today in The Netherlands. Much quicker then I anticipated, got the shipping mail on June the 9th. The UPS tracking code didn’t work though.
  2. My subscription (since 2004) was due February 16th but has been forwarded to February 29th. For only € 36,- I’m happy with the DVD, so I’m gonna renew.
  3. My subscription expires on february the 16th. Hopefully they announce a new gift soon.
  4. My copy of U2 Live Songs of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE was delivered today in The Netherlands.
  5. Great gift! I really liked U22 back in the day.
  6. My videos from the 1st concert in Amsterdam. https://youtu.be/ZkFD5U6HYDs https://youtu.be/tXy-GfFcYwM https://youtu.be/OziBlXZyGkE
  7. Pride (In The Name Of Love) is mentioned twice? #15 and #16
  8. eXPIERENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour [Amsterdam @ Ziggodome, 07/10/2017] I'm gonna be there!
  9. Received mine today. Living in The Netherlands.
  10. I was there in 2015. On the picture you see me wandering off in the desert, a few 100 meters from the highway.
  11. 2 screenshots have been send via PM. I didn’t get an e-mail confirmation from TM US nor did I used it to become a #VerifiedFan yet.
  12. I just made an US TM account from The Netherlands. No problem. However I can’t specify a European country and give my address details. I only van choose out of: USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Other.
  13. My vids from last night. https://youtu.be/V2ZAJZSNte4 https://youtu.be/-6WvxxQyuiM https://youtu.be/NH5OImX7LWA https://youtu.be/4jcyhbm_2tY https://youtu.be/qBBKAl_B_cQ
  14. 4 GA tickets are just delivered! I'm so happy!
  15. I'm a long-term (paying) member since 2004. I've always gotten GA tickets for every show in Amsterdam. 2005 Vertigo Tour: 4 tickets 2009 360 Tour: 4 tickets 2015 iNNOCENCE + eXPIERENCE Tour: 2 tickets 2017 The Joshua Tree Tour: 4 tickets I honestly can say that for me an U2.com subscription is worth every penny.
  16. ViaGoGo - The Great Ticket Scandal.
  17. An extra concert is added on July 30th. Sale is on monday januari 23rd 10.00 hours.
  18. Elevation Tour [Arnhem @ Gelredome 01/08/2001] Vertigo Tour [Amsterdam @ Amsterdam ArenA 13/07/2005] 360 Tour [Amsterdam @ Amsterdam ArenA 20/07/2009] 360 Tour [London @ Wembley Stadium 15/08/2009] 360 Tour [bruxelles @ Stade Roi Baudouin 22/09/2010] iNNOCENCE + eXPIERENCE Tour [Amsterdam @ Ziggodome, 08/09/2015] iNNOCENCE + eXPIERENCE Tour [Amsterdam @ Ziggodome, 13/09/2015] The Joshua Tree Tour [Amsterdam @ Amsterdam ArenA 29/07/2017]
  19. I did get e-mails regarding re-subscribing my U2.com membership. Never missed a year and I've got all the gifts. I honestly don't know why everybody is whining about that. It's probably easier to complain then holding up the mirror to yourself when you thought saving $50,- cause U2 weren't suppose to tour. Please take your own responsibility in this.
  20. Keep trying. A friend of mine got GA tickets like 45 minutes later after he bought seat tickets. That was for the Amsterdam show.
  21. Keep trying. A friend of mine got GA tickets like 45 minutes later after he bought seat tickets.
  22. I'm gonna be there 3:30 I'm gonna go over I, I, I don't care I can be suckt into this I'll be in the video Come on!
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