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  1. Izzy2u wrote: Panth wrote: pollyanna wrote: Hi Rockly........we are here and there.....mostly there. LOL http://nitestaff.reiddust.com/ns/index.php You know there's a place like that called Bombshelter. Its still there, and this is just a cheap imitation. There's no imitation here at all panth, imitation means copying and I knew nothing of that bombshelter thingy...I just wanted to have a place to chat and I built it with my bare hands from the ground up...the color of this site is wrong, and the text to small for my e
  2. I was on both gigs in Gothenburg and stood very close to the outer circle of the stage both nights. What disappointed me a lot was that there seemed to be somany people who only seemed to be there for the pre Rattle & Hum songs. It was only when U2 played their older classics that these people started moving orsinging otherwise they were just standing there wondering why U2 didn't play more older material. I always prepare myself for concerts by listening through all records and studying the setlists from earlier gigs during the tour but way too many people justseem to be there for the
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