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  1. I have to go back to my very first U2 concert. It was in 2005 (yeah, i know it wasnt that long ago and yup, i was 29, a huge fan and never been able to get to a show in Melbourne (OZ)) Anyhow, we were in Anaheim, on the final leg of our holiday from Australia. We found out U2 were playing at the Staples Center in LA on our last night there. We took the risk and bought 2 very overpriced tickets on ebay and got them delivered to our hotel (luckily they did arrive). Then we proceeded to take the bus, which took well over 2 hrs to get to the Staples Center. We had upper level rear view seats that
  2. Hey everyone, Ive just been re-watching Entourage and im up to episode 9 of season 2 where the boys end up at the U2 concert in LA. Does anyone know which concert it was? I know it was the Vertigo Tour in 2005, either 5 or 6th April, or 1 or 2nd of Nov.. Im super curious cause the 1st of Nov show was my very first U2 concert ever! and it would be a buzz to have been at that same one!! i know its going back a bit, but someone might remember! Anyone have a clue?? Thanks all. Cheers Anne.
  3. Tried again to renew only a few hours after it failing and its all working ok. Awesome!!
  4. I have the same problem.. trying to renew and it just keeps telling me to confirm my address.. Please can someone fix this for me
  5. Got mine last week. Much more than i expected, thought it would be a cd and little book or something.. To get what we got was awesome.. only one problem, looks like my useless postman tried to bend mine in 2 places the whole cover is screwed with fold marks down it not happy at all.. At least i got the cds i guess.. How/ who do i beg to get another one that's not stuffed. ??
  6. My first show was in LA , just happened to be on holiday at the time. Got lucky with 2 awesome tickets from ebay. Charged a fortune though, but hell was a goodway to spend my holiday! When they came to Melbourne we queued up from about 5am. Was 10th in line and got some really good seats. Apparently the people who were about 30th in linemissed out because it was all sold out in about 10 minutes! The Sydney show, which was being sold through a different ticketing agency was easy to get tix for. I guess being interstate helped that. We just walkedstraight up and got some GA tickets, no queue o
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