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    U2 of course, i'm a drummer
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    Achtung Baby
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    Mysterious Ways
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    Werchter, 1997
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    Paris 08 september 2018
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    Brussels 2017
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    Stones, Genesis, Elvis

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  1. 1982, a little boy sees the local brass band playing at the market square, one particular instrument has his intrest, instantly: the drum. It's my first memory of hearing "music" played live and listening to it with interest. I said to my dad next to me: i wanna do that! 30 years later, i'm still playing the drums, so that "gig" changed my life forever. Years later, i discovered that the drummer of my favourite band started as a drummer in the Artane Boys Band and passed to band drumming later. So, i feel connected to Larry, he did the same as i did. He's a street drummer like me. I checked the website of that brass band even today: www.de-woudfanfare.be. The man carrying the bass drum on the home page picture gave me my first drum lessons! Should go to see them once more some day! Nico, Belgium.
  2. love the Propaganda issues, great idea to provide them! So we can smell the zeitgeist of some songs/albums/tours...!
  3. nicoverhelle


    congratulations! i'm becoming a father too, on 1th of august! enjoy! original of the species!
  4. Achtung Baby in black and white! Love this Stones-album!
  5. might be nice, would be nice if we have some full song video's, like them
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