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  1. Please let us know! We are driving down from Ontario, leaving Wednesday night and will be in Nashville to hang out all day Friday before GAing on Saturday. Speaking of which, does anyone know the plan for the GA line?
  2. Thanks guys. Originally, we were going for Montreal #1 as it's the day before, but I was really worried about dealing with a non-Ticketmaster partner site on top of all the other stuff for Verified Fan, so we're doing Nashville, and that is my birthday present. But when they announced the 2nd date ON my birthday....it's really, really, tempting. Especially because we could swing through Ottawa on the way to visit my son. I am STILL hoping for some Toronto dates at some point though.
  3. Registered for Montreal #2. Not sure we will go...but it is my birthday.....
  4. Okay, so now I have to agree that they have screwed this up royally. The problem with having to register for the general sale, is that I don't get the option to decide to add another show by purchasing this way. I didn't sign up for the general sale because I was lucky enough to get tickets in the presale for the show I wanted...but now that they have announced another show on my birthday, I would like to try for that - and can't!
  5. To be honest, I didn't look that closely at the prices. I noticed they were somewhat higher, but for the GAs, by the time I did the exchange from Cdn to US, it wasn't a huge increase. But you are right, they are higher. But so is the price of everything else, gas, milk, bread. I think the highest price I ever paid was $250 for gold-level seating for one show in Toronto in 2005. My daughter's Ed Sheeran tickets for this coming August, on the floor with seats, were $160.
  6. I think I did Best Available when the GAs were not readily apparent on the screen, and then they popped up. I thought that was unusual, because traditionally, Best Available were always the top priced "Gold level" seats.
  7. I think it was about 2 or 3 minutes in that I found my GAs. They were not immediately apparent, that's for sure. I think I just got lucky. I would say it was not as easy as other presales, and part of that was the unknown. I think the only thing that saved my bacon was that I did not panic in the middle of purchasing. which I have done in the past. The other thing that was interesting was that I had logged into my TM account on both my TM app on my phone, and on my desktop, with the intent to use whichever device got through first. Turned out it was my desktop. And yet, when I went for tickets
  8. Strangely, that makes me feel even better about my decision lol! I know people complain about Ticketmaster, but I still trust them far more than any other ticketseller, even if that is not saying much. For us, Montreal is a 9-hour drive and Nashville is 10, so we figured what the heck! And since it will be spring, we don't have to worry about bad roads. We drove to NYC in January last year for one kid's university experience, and to Chicago from west of Toronto in early February last year for the other kid, so at least this time the drive is about US (and U2 of course.)
  9. Last time this happened was in 2005 with Vertigo. We used the lack of a Toronto show in the spring as an excuse to visit NYC and take in a show at Madison Square Gardens, as it coincided with our Victoria Day weekend. This time, we are going to Nashville. We considered Montreal, but I was really nervous about dealing with a non-ticketmaster venue in addition to all the other changes for the presale this time around - and my husband spends so much time there on business that he is really NOT a fan of the city. I am quite sure that Toronto will be added on another leg....with any luck, right aro
  10. It is unfortunate that circumstances kept you from looking for tickets until hours after the presale opened. That is no one's fault -and certainly not the band's or U2.coms, or even TM. I am fortunate that I make my own work schedule, so I could take the morning off to be at home, on my computer, at 11 a.m. my time to get the tickets I wished. I realize not everyone has that opportunity, but it only makes sense that the most popular tickets (GAs) will sell out in minutes.
  11. I would think that yes, there will be pre-sales for any shows added to this leg - and if you did not use your code, you are good to go!
  12. Except that when you renewed early, your NEXT renewal date is now in line with the original day/month of your sub, but a year later, so you are still getting the full 12 months AFTER what would have been your original renewal date.
  13. My recollection is that, if you have not used your presale code, you would be able to use it for presales for future shows that are added. For example, I could have chosen to sit on my code this time and hold out for shows in Toronto on a future North American leg, using my presale code at that time. I went into this presale with that exact thought - that if I didn't get GAs for the show of my choice on this leg, I wouldn't be upset because I would just hold out for the second leg. I guess maybe that was an easier thing for me because I am in Ontario and there are NO Canadian shows except Mont
  14. Yes, I have done that in the past as well- grabbed seats in the first pre-sale with my code if I couldn't find GA, and then switched up if I managed to grab GA's in the general sale. I always have friends and family who are happy to see the band from the seats while I am on the floor lol! We also need to remember that these are smaller venues.
  15. There were GA yesterday, but You had to look for Best Available and they popped up. Initially, I didn't think there were any GA yesterday.....but I did find them.
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