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  1. I`ve got two G.A.`s for the 5th if you can get tickets for the 6th we could meet up in Dublin.
  2. If like me you are having to collect tickets at the venue, be advised that the ticket office doesn`t open until 14:00 hrs which if you are going to queue up for a good spot is about much use as tits on a bull as I won`t know which gate to queue up at .
  3. I changed my e-tickets to paper tickets with ticketmaster and all they charged me was another twenty pence per ticket.
  4. mine are located in U34, not too bad .hope the acoustics are better than the vertigo tour , sound was terrible but G.A. the next day the sound was spot on.
  5. G.A. sorted.really smooth pre-sale. roll on july
  6. teutonic

    Sold out London?

    managed to bag two G.A.s fot the Monday show and two seated for the Friday night . going to try and source tickets for the other two dates if finances/wife will allow it.
  7. am I correct in thinking it`s now impossible to swap tickets for other shows with the ticketless entry and the fact you have to present the card on which the purchase was made on ?
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