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    wished it was Pop... too young, so Vertigo.
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  1. OMFG I AM LOVING THIS!!!! Quality work. Not sure about American Soul yet, it's growing on me. Get Out Of Your Own Way makes me cry because it reminds me of my BFF that is across the otherside of the world, The Blackout is freaking awesome. I could go on, it's all so goooooood. Got it on through the headphones right now and it's even better.
  2. RIP to a great musician, I started crying as soon as I heard. My heart goes out to those that knew him best.
  3. I was pretty sure Baja stated that Red Zone was auction only tickets...
  4. This is so awesome, I sobbed my little heart out in excitement when I heard they were coming back. I was a bit bummed there was no Adelaide dates until I realised... that means I get a HOLIDAY IN SYDNEY. Hells yeah!!! Anyone see 'em last night on the 7:30 Project? Damn the boys look good. I am so glad I put myself into tour isolation like I did with the last one, once I have seen them, then I will watch the DVD, but I want to see the tour the first time, myself.
  5. thoughts, prayers and wishes of a speedy recovery are being sent your way B-man, take it easy and don't rush yourself, saving the world and running around on stage, being a hubby and a dad and an all around superman needs a guy at full strength. .
  6. Unos wrote: Historically U2 lead singles make the chart, others just about but thye've always been an album & live band, not having to rely on singles, so for those woried don't I'm more worried for those who keep reading Jesus into everyfucking thing U2 do, Magnificent is about Ali and the relationships between a man & a woman, and not everything on the album is about religion, now I've scanned the bible for any reference to sexy boots, kinky boots, any type of high heel boot and fuck me there isn't any. This site is driving me mad, I don't mind peoples op
  7. I love the new album personally, it is more a chilled album in many ways though and I dunno... U2 have always been more an album band than a singles imho asthe songs all together seem to tell a story.
  8. Tomorrow night on Rage from around 2:30am is a total U2 overload... they are playing some rare clips too! 2:00am U2 I Will Follow (Mercury) U2 Gloria (Mercury) U2 Celebration (Polydor) U2 New Year's Day (Polydor) U2 Two Hearts Beat As One (Mercury) 3:00am U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday (Polydor) U2 Pride (In The Name Of Love) (Polydor) U2 The Unforgettable Fire (Polydor) U2 A Sort Of Homecoming (Polydor) U2 With Or Without You (Polydor) U2 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Polydor) U2 I Believe In You (Lovetown) (Polydor) 3:30am U2 Where The Streets Have No Name (
  9. U2 has literally saved my life, when I was a teenager I had decided to commit suicide after all the teasing at school and the fact that I had been sexuallyabused for 6 years of my life by a family friend got out at school and others tried to rape me or take advantage of me thinking I was a slut, something theycalled me often. I was also having troubles with my parents because I had never really dealt with the abuse, so I can home from school one day, mum and dadwere at work, my sister was yet to get home from school, my cousin wasn't there either... so I put a blade to my wrist... and well the
  10. Even the best singers get a frog in their throat now and then
  11. oh dear, I feel a bit flushed... I might need a shower... a very COLD shower
  12. Happy Birthday Bono, 49 and still rather tasty to look at! Hope you have a good one. Happy Birthday Jordan, I hope you get all you wish for Many happy returns!
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