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  1. Anyone else completely denied the opportunity to participate in the regular sale?  My wife and I were both denied codes for every regular sale show on this tour.  For the second round of shows we did not even receive a waitlist email!  I’m now concerned that I will never have an opportunity to buy regular sale tickets from Ticketshafter again. 

    Im just curious.  Has anyone else been completely denied codes?  What have I done wrong?  What Can I do to get off Ticketmaster’s naughty list?

     This is a complete nightmare!

  2. Max you are the silver lining in this whole miserable affair!  After a sleepless night of frustration I just got my code and two RZs for Atlanta.  I totally didn’t think this was happening so thanks for making my day!!!  I can only imagine the stress and lack of sleep that you are experiencing.  Please know that it is deeply appreciated!

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  3. So I lost my Red Zone information email that was sent out Monday for the Seattle show.  Is there a way I can get it redelivered?  Does it contain any crucial information that I need to gain access to the venue?  Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

  4. GA for three of four nights.  Was very lucky to score GA tickets for the last two shows in regular sale this AM.  May have to resort to the secondary market for the show on the 25th.  This will be my first visit to Chicago.  Wife has been there and she absolutely loved it.  Can't wait!  Wish I could be cryogenically frozen until July 24th...

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