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  1. click on each one and should open in iTunes if that is your default media player
  2. I loved the Troubles. It's a fantastic song... maybe put it closer to Raised by Wolves?
  3. and I can't make the last 2... going away and there's no internet.... and when they come back there will be a time difference...
  4. We got it in Toronto! Ihave one of the signs that people were holding up to ask Bono to sing it... got a few pages of confetti too... and my wristband... and loads of great memories of an awesome show.
  5. It's one of my favorites and loving this version....different every night...love it.
  6. The guys are on fire this tour... Bono in good voice thats for sure
  7. such a powerful moment when the entire place is singing as one.... goosebumps.
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