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  1. Hi all, I am scouring the world of streaming services and finding that U2's version of 'Bang a Gong' is not included on AngelHeaded Hipster on Spotify, Tidal or Amazon Music. Anyone have any insight?
  2. Samesies for me, 2 GA's for Nashville in under 2 minutes. Such a stark contrast to the agony of grinding it out during prior presales. My only constructive feedback is to provide more clarity surrounding the Ticketmaster link as it relates to hitting it via web browser or mobile app. I found the TM app to be useless in this instance while the web browser path was lights out fast and easy. This is the opposite of my prior experiences with U2 presales. Maybe this is by design... if we are kept guessing perhaps so are the scalpers. My heart goes out to the other Experience fans that had or are continuing to have struggles. Look out Nashville, here we come!!
  3. Another thing... when the system times out or give you an error and you have to start over, don't let that message about your presale code scare you. I just kept pasting it back in and hitting the apply button. It eventually took again each time so just keep trying!!
  4. KEEP TRYING... BE PATIENT! Thanks to the person(s) that posted to try using the mobile app. After multiple excruciating errors and time-outs on both Google Chrome and IE, I FINALLY successfully made it through the entire process and now am relieved to have 2 GA tix for Chicago night 1. I have to say, like many, many others that I am extremely disappointed with the technical issues. In my mind, this is what Ticketmaster does for a living and they have been doing this long enough to know very well what kind of demand they will see on their system(s). But remember everyone is experiencing the same issues so keep trying (over... and over... and over...) and eventually I pray that you too will be rewarded with your tickets!!
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