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  1. thanks, but I sorted already cos a friend finally came through with one he'd been promised, I was panicking earlier!!
  2. Somebody locally came throught with a ticket for me,,, #TGIF (even thought it's only Thursday!); 29 hours to showtime again
  3. yes, I can confirm that it was a poor set up in the MG zone in Dublin, was in MG on Tuesday night and it is as far back from the main stage as can be, and even when they play the B stage it's still somewhat removed; After the first few tracks I left to go the general GA zone! I know that the 3 Arena set up gives the planners less latitiude but I firmly believe that the configuration should have been done differently to allow for people who had paid so much to be better accommodated notwithstanding the charity element. (I don't give this criticism lightly as I've been a long long time fan of t
  4. Hi, as can be seen from irregular posts over the years, have been a long time fan since way back in the day (first saw them in late 78, then saw quite a few shows in 79, and have only missed a few irish shows since the TV Club gig in 1980, also seen many many shows around the world since then, as far away as New Zealand!) Anyway to cut this long story short, originally thought I could not go on Friday due to travel commitments, but will now be in Dublin. Was lucky to get to Dublin 1 and 2 as well as Belfast and several other U2ieTour shows, so I need to be there on Friday night!!, Unfortunat
  5. check TM Spain, I hear there was drop this morning
  6. I heard that TM Spain had a drop a few minutes ago this morning for tonight & Tuesday (Oct 6th) so if you're looking for tix you may want to try there
  7. For Barca 1 & 2,,,,seen them there several times over the years as well as several other groups & artists & the Catalan crowd are always up for it, even on a Monday night!! Btw....Bono catching up with old pals on the Riviera this evening
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