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  1. Coming over from Iceland with my husband. I'm half Irish so I go to Dublin about once a year and although I have seen U2 five times before I've never seen them in Dublin so it's going to be so great . Making a long weekend of it, Thursday to Sunday, but have to leave Dublin very early on the Sunday morning, which is the only downside! Can't wait though. Never been to a concert in Croke Park before either so don't know the seating, just hope we have a good view
  2. I'm just really happy that I'll be seeing them in Dublin - it's going to be great Only downside is the price of hotels !!
  3. LOW 332 is about half way down the pitch..even though the pitch at Croke Park is bigger than a soccer pitch you should still have a good view. Thanks! I've seen U2 in both London and Paris before and have always been much closer to the stage - but I've always wanted to go to see them in Dublin - accessing tickemaster during the pre-sale was a huge mess but I'm just glad I got tickets
  4. I'm in LOW 332 - couldn't get anything closer when I finally got into ticketmaster!. Never been to Croke park so not sure of the view I'll have from there - but as I'm coming over from Iceland I hope it will be good
  5. As soon as I saw the dates announced I booked a hotel through bookings with free cancellation (just in case) for EUR 180 pr night. When I checked the same hotel a few hours later the price had gone up to EUR 250 pr night! As I'm going to spend 4 nights in Dublin the few extra Euro pr. night make a big difference!
  6. I had some issues as well with ticketmaster yesterday morning when trying for tickets, was hoping for RZ but finally got 4 seats also in 332. I have always been fairly close to the stage at U2 concerts so I was also concerned that these seats are too far away! Tried again this morning with a Wireless code to see if I could get anything closer, but the seats I finally got were even further away so I skipped them (hope I have not de-activated the code now!). I'll stick with 332 - just happy to have tickets. And the difference in price will cover my flight anyway
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