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  1. empyreal wrote: I'm a little pissed off that i have to pay your message board with a credit card to be even able to purchase tickets That's not a guarantee you'll get tickets. Why does everyone think it is? I got tickets for PopMart and Vertigo without a membership.
  2. I got a "Fish Can Fly" shirt. That was Edun wasn't it?
  3. I've registered every year since 2006, tour or no tour. I actually signed up after I got my Vertigotickets, so pre-sale wasn't even a reason for doing it. Forget being guaranteed a ticket, there's not even a guarantee they'll be coming to my country and I still paid.
  4. mick james wrote: For craps sake people, buy the bloody ticket you can afford and stop complaining. Yes we all want to be down the front for any U2 gig, but if you missed GA's then too bad so sad. There are tix for 30 bucks, and if you can't afford that, then you can't afford any concert. You have to make the call - I can't afford more than $ X - so bite the bullet, get the tickets you can afford and watch from the cheap section. Consider those of us in the rest of the world that don't even have the oportunity to go to any of these shows. ........ $30 - WHATS THA
  5. I love Rattle & Hum more for the studio tracks than the live material. All I Want Is You is the song that started me on my "musical journey" backin 1989. If it wasn't for Rattle & Hum, I might not have been drawn in to the fan I am today.
  6. ceallach67 wrote: The list of songs U2 has never played live: Elvis Presley & America ... Some Days Are Better Than Others ... Peace On Earth When I Look At The World Grace Electrical Storm .... One Step Closer Yeah, but that's a good thing.
  7. Osiris33 wrote: "Boots." I think it was actually taped on Monday, if I read the news bit correctly. I sure wish they'd make the performances available for download. Things like that might actually make U2.com a worthwhile purchase. They should do the Pearl Jam thing and have the concerts available for purchase/download. Got the Pearl Jam concert I went to, good qualityrecording and at a very reasonable price.
  8. gibbo1968 wrote: I'm glad i've missed out on the killers,Oasis and coldplay. Cos they are all shite. I wanted to see Oasis when they came over here (a few weeks after PopMart), but I heard the show was really crap and people wanted their money back. Glad Ididn't go. Wanted to see INXS in 2007, but it was the same night as Weird Al which I already had tickets to. But I had just seen them about 6 months earlier so it wasn't so bad. Would have gone to ZOO TV if it came here.
  9. Rated out of 10. Boy: 7 October: 7 War: 6 Under a Blood Red Sky: 6 Unforgettable Fire: 7 Wide Awake In America: 5 Joshua Tree: 10 Rattle and Hum: 10 Achtung Baby: 10 Zooropa: 7 Passengers: 6 Pop: 8 Best of 1980 - 1990: 9.5 (lost half a star for shortening "Streets") Million Dollar Hotel: 5 All That You Can't Leave Behind: 4 Best of 1990 - 2000: 7 (how can you include new songs from 2002?) How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb: 8 18 Singles: 7 No Line On The Horizon: 8
  10. U2 (1998 & 2006) Weird Al Yankovic (2003 & 2007) Pearl Jam (2006) INXS (2006) Foo Fighters (2008) Presidents Of The USA (2005) Vanilla Ice (2007) Def Leppard (2008) Think that's it.
  11. I think he got it on the JT tour, but I might be wrong. [EDIT] Already answered here apparently.
  12. When Bono was impersonating the pilot when they flew to Germany, I thought "I didn't know MacPhisto was a pilot".
  13. I went into a music store yesterday, and they had No Line On The Horizon everywhere. No Line On The Horizon CD's on display, No Line On The Horizon postershanging from the roof, had No Line On The Horizon playing on a stereo. Everywhere. I went up to the counter and asked "How much is the No Line On The Horizon limited edition deluxe set?" And she said "Is that a CD, DVD, or game?" Dumbass!
  14. drew1602 wrote: The Whitlams Got turned right off them when I saw them live at an all ages gig. There were little kids right up in the front of the stage dancing and TimFreedman kept dropping "F" bombs. Class act.
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