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  1. Yes, go to Windmill Lane and HQ, my name is plastered all over those walls!! Another highlight. You also have to do the Mount Temple High School thing....a little surreal walking up the road...and Killiney just goes without saying....
  2. I travelled all the way from Australia to Ireland for the first time last year in July - saw all 3 Croke Park shows....we did the Slane Castle Tour and believe me, this was a highlight, apart from actually being 2 feet from Bono and Adam on the front rail! Walking into that Ballroom almost blew my mind.... Not to be missed.
  3. Yeah, I appreciate you Kings....how the hell are you?
  4. Saw the light on and thought I'd stop by to say HELLO FRIENDLIES....it's been sooooo long I've forgotten how to reply to a post!! Just resubbed (I'm 3 days overdue...oops!). I hope that doesn't affect my pre-sales for god's sake I've been waiting for so long for Aussie dates (as we all have been)....that would suck to miss out!
  5. You are absolutely right and I can't agree more...my sister is a massive MJ fan, always the defender of a musical genius who was so misunderstood. She tells me the woman lead guitarist with the big blonde hair hails from Australia and had been with MJ and his band for over 10 years....anyway, little bit of trivia there...
  6. Hey EM, haven't participated in the past, but would love to....
  7. Not Fair - Lily Allen....don't really like her, but this one just won't seem to get out of my head it's so damn catchy!
  8. velocity1759 wrote: Like With or Without You, Magnificent is a song that seems to have three characters- a man, a woman, and God.... That's almost all U2 songs ever written! lol Absolutely agree, he is praising the Lord for the wonderful gift he was given...born to sing for him / for us!
  9. You can't beat anything by Estee Lauder imo...Private Collection. I do also love wearing Vanilla Oil from the Body Shop....I get commented on it all the time that I smell good enough to eat!
  10. Tiz, sweetie, happy birthday!! From the bottom of my heart xx Hope you have/had a fantastic day...say hi to the boys from me in Italia.
  11. mick james wrote: Roslyn Stephanie wrote: Sydney, Australia! (C'mon boys, please announce some tour dates...you're killing us down here!!!!!!) C'mon Ros, spend K.Rudds stimulus cheque on an airfare and come see U2 in New York with El and I!! Oh yeah, I'm from Sydney, Australia too I would sooooooo love to join you guys!
  12. Hi, this is me...I work as an Executive PA in Human Resources. I live in Sydney, Australia and have a thing for Bono LOL...A fan since the early days...
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