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  1. thanks this makes sense to me i was sure i hadn't seen anything to say i couldnt bring her. i will drop them an email, i don't to twatter
  2. I have read under 16's must be accompanied. That is fine, I'll be with her and we have seats. someone just told me u14's are not allowed, but i can't find any information regarding that can anyone please let me know what the deal is with bringing kids.
  3. Haha good man It's the little things that give you away Well I'm still in me bed. Lost the queue list last night in a pub somewhere so yiz will have to wing it today In all seriousness though, I can't wait for later on, saw the in Twickers (2) and it is pretty amazing
  4. Look folks, as an Irish guy living close by to Croke Park I think it is only fair to warn you that we have already started the queing process. We only get the lads home every so often so we think it is only fair and about time that us Irish actually get to the front of the crowd rather than tourists who are following the tour and have been there countless times before and I'm sure you will get your chance again. So right now we have about 250 people in the Pitch 2 queue and about 400 in the Pitch 1 queue, so you will have to be next in line to us. We started Queing after the Dubs match last week, indeed, some of us didn't even leave the stadium untill we were found hiding in the toilets on Tuesday afternoon. The start of the queue is now in the Hairy Lemon and will proceed to Fibbers later on this evening before advancing to the Big Flee tomorrow. We will then congregate in the Jones Road vicinity about 3pm on Saturday and enter the stadium from there in the respective avenues for the 2 seperate pitch areas. If you are not part of our numbering system and you try and jump the queue you will be sent back to Quinns at that stage to join the back of the line. So lets be fair everyone and respect your place
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