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  1. Oops I will remove my post from the LA thread!
  2. I haven't gotten anything regarding this so-called free album. Was it only for tickets via Ticketmaster? I got Vegas tickets which were through axis.
  3. I too got shut out of GA tix even with my verified fan and Innocence group access. Part of the problem I had may have been a TM problem with the Innocence presale option not showing up for 5 or 10 minutes when the sale started and my code for the public sale being invalid. I'm not sure what he means by they are working to contact everyone who was on the list who hasn't been helped yet because I have yet to hear anything from anybody!
  4. Could this sale go any worse? First the link fo the presale for Los Angeles didn't allow Innocence group access until 5 or 10 minutes into the sale and now both my friend and I got texted faulty codes for the public onsale. SERIOUSLY TM??? Seriously U2? Somebody please tell me who to contact about this! This is freaking ridiculous...never had this many problems in my 20 years of being a fan who went to 2-4 concerts each tour.
  5. I couldn't get any tickets at all even choosing best available! So lame!
  6. Hey all! So we have GA tix for San Diego and my cousin who is going with us just tore her ACL and is on crutches. Has anyone had experience with having a venue give you a seat if you have GA tix? Ticketmaster said they couldnt help us and we would have to ask the venue day of, but my cousin doesn't want to risk traveling there and then being told they can't help her.
  7. EEK that's what I'm afraid of when we see them in Dublin! We have lower level seats way at the far end of Croke and after seeing the Rose Bowl set up I'm concerned about obstructed views. i ended up going for GA IN San Diego and am currently looking for comfy platform sneakers!!
  8. At least they moved you! Sheesh! Ok will avoid those seats then...probably why they are cheaper even though they seem close.
  9. I'm trying to.find out same thing. Friend paid 230 each for rose bowl seats and they weren't that close to stage. Another paid 180 per seat and said they were straight across from the end of catwalk stage left. Q is such A terrible setup for concerts though...all the seats will be pretty far away
  10. Presale code is under Account Info! Wires presale is June 9th, Friday at 10
  11. Ooh thank you! Yeah I'm trying to figure out how to do ga without having to pay for 10 hours of babysitting since my hubby and I are both going and my son has school til 245pm that day!
  12. Oh man! My son isn't a huge u2 fan but he does enjoy their music. If i wasn't flying to Dublin to see them I'd probably shell out the money to buy him a seat but...
  13. Thanks all! We've decided against bringing him...just hoping they will tour again in a few years!
  14. vthatcher

    Seats vs GA

    So I just saw U2 at the Rose Bowl with GA tix and spent quite a bit of time standing on my tippy toes trying to see past people's heads and phones (grr). I'm 5'5. Now i want to see then at Qualcomm in san Diego and debating doing GA again vs shelling out money for seats. For those with seats can you say approx how much they were and where in relation to stage and whether you felt like you still got a great experience? Thank you!
  15. Hey all! Now that the 1st leg is almost done can I hear from anybody who brought their young kid (6 or 7) to the concert? Seats or GA? What level of seats if you got seats and how was the experience? Thanks all!
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