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  1. BTW - they pre-recorded the performance before it was aired (according to the paps outside of Hospital Club). It was so cold and raining buckets so I didn't hang around for very long and came home.
  2. From what I've just heard and seen of the news coverage, the London location is Hospital Club in Covent Garden... It's actually a really good space - I've been in there a few times before.
  3. As I said before - if you really want to go to Glasto, why not volunteer to work at the festival for one of the charities? If you are only going to glasto to see U2, you wouldn't mind missing all the other cool bands and things going on during the weekend and could possibly be useful with your shouting abilities....
  4. It's unusual for Glasto headliners (or any acts for that matter) to be announced this early. Usually you buy your ticket and take your chances.... Have been to glasto many times and it's always sold out before any sniff of knowing who will be playing, as there is so much more to the festival than music - arts, comedy, performance, circus... you could spend the entire time doing loads of stuff and never see a band play (not that that's ever happened to me)! And no, fence jumping is near impossible with the 'super fence' and security now, so please don't even think about it unless you want t
  5. YAY!!!! I knew they wouldn't ignore the 40th for Glasto. So excited!! *happy dance*
  6. I love the festival rumours each year! Sooo funny when the line ups are actually released. Apparently there are odds at the betting shops for who will play Glaso this year. Think U2 are 16/1...
  7. [quote name='badgirl56 wrote: mick james']There's that Gladstonbury rumour........ MICK!!!!!!!!(((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))....... aye and its a rumour Mick .has been for the last 5 yrs or so! Oh, and it's getting to be a strong rumour for the glasto 40th anniversary... and there's quite the perfect gap in the tour schedule for the 25-27th June 2010 when glasto will be Also expect david bowie (he played the first glasto) and probably radiohead...
  8. I have 5 or 6 books on the go... really liked 'The Book of Other People' edited by Zadie Smith - it's a collection of short stories, where each writer was asked to create a character and it explores the different approaches to character (or denies the possibility of character) in a story. Also liked 'Songs for the Butcher's Daughter' by Peter Manseau. Explores the history of two characters and the role of translation and it's impact on language and meaning. Lastly - highly recommend 'The Seven Basic Plots, Why We Tell Stories' by Christopher Booker. It's a comprehensive analysis o
  9. and here's another live feed... http://www.1000mikes.com/show/u2tour_on_air Berlin is cool!! Choice of live feeds and then on video later
  10. If anyone wants to listen live.... they've just started! http://www.1000mikes.com/show/u2log_live
  11. Umm... I don't get MTV on freeview in the UK. Anyone have any suggestions (other than going to the pub and demanding they change over from Sky Sports)?
  12. cardiff live show thread: http://community.u2.com/topic/10487 I was there but tended to take photos of the band.... LOL!
  13. Have you gone through the cardiff live show thread and looked at the photos posted by Bigwave?
  14. If what I read on twitter is correct, atU2 may have a live audio of this tonight on 1000mikes. Crossing fingers, toes and elbows! Would be spectacular to listen to this... please gods of mobile (cell) phone signal... be nice to us! And shout out to atU2 for covering this - your twitter feed comments crack me up!
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