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  1. Hey folks. I've been lurking but I just wanted to mention that the Beethoven music is 'Ode To Joy', adopted as the Anthem for the European Union. I'm sure you all know that but thought I'd mention it.
  2. I got the vinyl boxset and my Edge photo book is also bound upside-down and back-to-front.
  3. I'm experiencing some tech problems with Periscope on my Android phone. Was hoping to broadcast later. In a few tests, my viewers said they could only pick up the audio. Hopefully it will work later but, to avoid disappointment, best trying someone else's stream. In any case, there will be audio...and hopefully that will be good. @EwenY Edit: I'm going to use Meerkat instead.
  4. I'm going to try to broadcast on Periscope tonight. My Twitter is @EwenY. I'm new to Periscope and never use Twitter, so please be patient as I work it all out. Any suggestions on a hashtag?
  5. California is one of those U2 songs that I didn't like until I heard it live. Ironically it's now my favorite song on the album. Soon as I heard it on Jools Holland's show I was like...wow!
  6. Never thought I'd be disappointed at hearing Beautiful Day! Kidding.
  7. Your listening to the wrong feed again. We're all listening to Iris!
  8. I think if I was there I'd have collapsed by now. This might just turn out to be the most awesome gig of the tour.
  9. Halfway through Vertigo...and I kept checking here and noticing nothing was really going on! would have been epic if you'd reached Streets. Streets!! In a club!!! lol
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