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  1. Good lord, just out of curiosity I google U2 and clicked on a link to a website selling tickets... there are already tickets being made available by ?scalpers? for 2K... crazy. I guess some people pay the membership so they can profit when tickets come up for sale.
  2. I'll be doing the same....hopefully GA of course to save some money. That's right... second night I'm taking the wife and got some good seats in the 102 section. First night I want to go GA... it would be shows #14 and # 15 for me. ;-)
  3. I also got two tickets for the 2nd Phoenix show... Now I have to wait until next week to try to buy another one for the 1st night. Wish me luck!
  4. Looks like its going to be a long and rough night...
  5. Ha Ha Ha... I guess it's all relative. I've been following @u2 since the dial-up modem days... but only joined u2.com on 2010.
  6. Phoenix here... longtime U2.com member (2010). No codes yet.
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