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  1. thank you all, best wishes to you. The 2001 video of With our Without You from Boston just came up on Lisa's FB timeline- we were there both nights - I remember Lisa wanting to carve the heart out of the chest of the girl Bono brought on stage & sang to her lying down She was the kindest, sweetest girl in the world but not when it came to Bono competition . The irony is that the song was prominent in our life soundtrack, it came out during a breakup in our early years & Lisa always directed it at me both while were apart & after reconnecting. Now I'm the one alone & It's brutal and lonely without her.
  2. My wife Lisa, who is this account holder, recently passed away from lung cancer, exactly 39 years to the day after we first met as kids. She was an angel on earth and had been a huge fan dating back to the early 80's when we had a short breakup period. U2 became a big part of our reconnection, and became the soundtrack of our life and a borderline obsession for Lisa as we attended every tour, here in Boston, and traveling to many destinations. She fanatically pursued give-away opportunities and was an attendee at the Rattle Hum premier in Dublin in 1988. We have some great photos she took in the Savoy Theatre. At U2 trivia events, she became known as Superfan because she unfairly won every piece of swag :). We traveled to a wedding in Hvar Croatia in August 2016, and at the same time U2 families were vacationing on a super yacht off the coast. - it drove her crazy to see band tweets from locations we had been in the day before- I have a priceless video clip from that trip in which Lisa had a few too many glasses of wine, and thought she spotted Guggi two tables away- I'll treasure it forever. Upon her diagnosis in 2018, even dealing with her illness, we attended all of the Boston IE concerts, the Mohegan Sun concert (which was fantastic), and after she had been through months of combined chemotherapy & radiation followed by immunotherapy treatments, we traveled to Dublin and attended three of the final IE tour shows. We both knew the final Dublin show was likely her last U2 concert- at the time I really wanted to try to have the band meet her, something I've regretted. I'm in a position of desperation, and this will be a crazy request, but if this message can make it to the band or management, I wanted to ask if Bono, or combined band members could read a short 2 page eulogy I penned for Lisa, for posting on her Facebook page. It would be 2 minutes at most. I'm lost here without her, and I know she would be overwhelmed looking down on us if we could make it happen. In return, I would make a donation in Lisa's name to the the local cancer center where she was treated (well I'm doing that anyway). A photo of Lisa outside of the A3 arena in Nov 2018 is attached. Thank you for consideration- James
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