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    Unforgettable Fire, Joshua Tree, War, Achtung Baby (can't pick just one!)
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    Out of Control
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    1987 San Diego
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    E&I, LA1 (May 15, 2018), GA at the e-stage
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  1. zoomcat

    U2 E&I, LA 1, May 15 2018

    Some pics from our spot at the e-stage!
  2. You could look into the SiriusXM free trial; not sure if it would include channel 30 (which is what the U2 Experience will be on) but I'm assuming so. I was just offered a free 2-month trial for taking my car in for service (the car has SiriusXM capability) so I got lucky as I didnt really want to pay for a subscription! Its pretty much a given that some fans will record it and post it online. Suggest checking other U2 fan websites too.
  3. And they just played One and associated commentary for the second time in an hour, weird. Oh well, I'll keep listening and hopefully it will be fixed!
  4. Anyone else experiencing multiple skips in the songs and commentary? Its been happening repeatedly to me (listening on my phone thru the Amazon music app), it keeps cutting off songs and jumping to other songs. Maybe a streaming problem?
  5. Correct, I just accessed it via my amazon account.....no prime or paid account needed!
  6. You're not the only one, I think for a lot of people it worked out fine, they're just not posting as much that it worked out. I too just got my tickets are printed email from TM.
  7. To add to this, from the @U2 fansite About/FAQs: "This site is not produced by, nor affiliated with, any or all members of U2 and/or its management. This site is produced by U2 fans for U2 fans" Is this your main job? Do you run this site for a living? No. Everyone on staff "works" for @U2 as a volunteer/hobbyist.
  8. I guess I need to sign up for a Citi card for the next presale when additional dates are announced, even though I have no use for another CC. Then I'll cut it up after the concert. This Citi presale is a slap in the face to longtime U2.com members, who should also get a 4 ticket limit. I get that they only allow 4 tix total between Citi and U2.com presales. But how about leveling the playing field?
  9. Yeah, the good ol' days, lining up in front of a record store with a TM booth! I'm beginning to think thats not such a bad idea.
  10. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm beginning to think this is what's happening, that this flawed system is mistakenly flagging people who are fans as "scalpers", and now the Mods are trying to sort it out person by person.
  11. Thanks Sherry for posting, this is pretty much what I've been thinking. The algorithm is flawed and is shutting out real fans by flagging them as "scalpers" essentially. I'm not sure I'd call it a lottery though in the sense that people were truly randomly chosen; it seems to be based on the stupid algorithm for filtering out scalpers, and clearly the whole system is messed up. Kudos to the Mods, I'm sure they're trying their hardest to help people with this fiasco. Not an envious job right now!
  12. See your point that they had a bunch of venues to try at once, and maybe east coasters would try for west coast if they got shut out. But west coast people could have entered the east coast sales at 7am PST (=10am EST), then tried different venues as the 10am onsale times moved west. The problems in Vegas might have more to do with they system they were using than some east coast advantage? Just speculating here.
  13. Local time means local to the venue. East coast had no advantage, if they wanted west coast tix, they'd buy them at 1pm EST (=10am PST).
  14. Looks like you finally got them, per the other thread? Thats a relief!
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