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  1. I was lucky enough to be there both nights but something really went off on night 2!!
  2. I think Electric Six at the Academy in Dublin is my next week, always good fun!!
  3. QOTSA are playing DOnnington this summer, I wonder will Dave drum for them, that woud be great!
  4. Saw the Foos that same week in Belfast, some small festival which was running over a few days, only went to see them. Have to agree, they are without doubt one of, if not the best live band in the world, I can only describe them as relentless! Just bought my ticket for Download today so cant wait for that... its a long way away thought!!
  5. Dublin is a great city to visit, I really hope you enjoy it while you are here. Best bit of Dublin is definitly the pubs!!!
  6. Went to see The Foo Fighters in Belfast last night - fantastic stuff!!
  7. The best film I have seen in the last 12 months was "The Lives of Other" - it won Oscar for best foreign film in 2007 (I think) - fantastic film, well wort a watch.
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