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  1. Prefer GA but anything decent would probably suffice. Didn't think I could make this show but apparently I can.
  2. I got GA and signed in right at 9 a.m. The odd part was I got 4 when I thought I asked for 2. Little did I know that Wires got me a pair and another 2 were added to the order for purchasing another fan club membership which I didn't notice until I checked out. So now I have 4 seats, two memberships and it appears that my code works for another pair of seats.
  3. So still haven't gotten an answer and maybe you can shed some light? How many people would you estimate are in each RZ section? If there were 20 who had prime location, we were told there were 50 per side. Seems it would be more by the layout, but no one has given an updated figure. Please let me know if you get a chance. Thanks.
  4. Can anyone weigh in and guess how many people are on each side of the RZ? Definitely looks like more than 50 but would like an estimate. Thanks. I think given the layout the RZ is fine.
  5. Two Red Zone tickets for night 2 in LA. Very excited
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