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  1. What to say.. Thank You! Thanks to Everyone for supporting #U2Request and let become #U2Request an awesome U2 World Celebration by U2 Fans, Websites, Fan pages, Groups. Thanks to @U2Community for all their help and kindness with us. Thanks to U2 and Management for their kind attention, we hope you liked!!
  2. Hello everyone Yesterday we shared the Official Document of #U2Request Check on the Facebook Event and on Twitter all the details about how tweeting on 14th of April, and to know more about the true spirit of #U2Request, and look who, between the famous people linked to U2, is supporting and appreciating #U2Request. Also we are going to update quite soon the List of all the Websites, Fan pages, Groups etc supporting #U2Request (almost entire world U2 community fans) Thank you for your kind attention and support
  3. Sorry for my absence these days were much busy on Twitter organizing the #U2Request event In the meantime there are 5 videos #U2Request a ton of #U2Request images go on facebook and twitter and check them sharing retweeting thank you thank you thank you We have so much grown between connection with fans and pages, media are starting to retweeting us so it is going to become really a world U2 fans event It is my pleasure to thank @U2Community that has joined and is supporting #U2Request ; it is awesome i hope for 14th of April we will be really thousands tweeting rare or neverplayed songs
  4. thank you!! i believe that with an indoor tour, and multiple shows for city we really have the chance to hear rare or never played songs!! So..please join the #U2Request event, share it on your fb and twitter pages, and save the date on 14th of April on Twitter one song one tweet #U2Request There are many pages and fans from all the world, so..let's do a world U2 fans project all together!!
  5. Hello all, maybe you already know about the past #U2Request project on the day of official announcement of U2ieTour..btw now we have a new #U2Request project!! #U2Request event on Twitter on 14th of April..on that day we will ask U2 rare or never played songs #U2Request for the upcoming U2ieTour!! You can ask all the songs you want all the times you want,but you have to tweet one song #U2Request!! It is a world U2fans event, many fans and pages are supporting it as they made for the first #U2Request project(also here, thanks!!) Join the fb event, invite your friends and fans to join it to
  6. ahahahh great choice!! remember..tweet #U2Request with a song just the day of the tour announcement!
  7. Hello i wanted to share here the #U2Request project! maybe some of you already know about it cos is spreading a lot on facebook and twitter btw i had the idea of the hashtag #U2Request to use JUST the day of the official announcement of new tour. I asked and got the support of many fans and pages Worldwide! we thought that if the hashtag #U2Request would become relevant the day of the announce, the band and Oseary could notice it how works #U2Request? it is simple: on the day of official announcement of new tour tweet #U2Request with a song(rarely or never played)you would like U2 play in
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