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  1. neocortex

    VIP Tour Gift

    I have a pair of TIX tonight that say VIP on them - does that qualify me for the VIP gift? How does the VIP gift work?
  2. If I recall correctly, they had a 2nd and 3rd pre-sell for additional shows that were added to the I&E tour. I am in Los Angeles and they ended up playing 5 nights at the Forum, but I believe only 4 were announced on the initial release and then 5th show was added a few weeks afterward. I was surprised and thankful that they allowed subscribers a chance to get these via another pre-sell opportunity. Let's hope they do this again if rumors of a 2nd show in key cities are accurate.
  3. I secured seats for the opening night in LA in Red Zone 1, but not sure what side of the stage it will be (Edge or Larry)? Is there a RED ZONE 2? Did anyone else secure RED ZONE with a different number? A buddy of mine also got RED ZONE on a different night, but also got ZONE 1. Just curious.
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