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    Classic Rock,Travel,Family holidays
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    Achtung Baby
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    The Fly
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    Earls Court 1982
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    Paris 2010
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    The last attended.............................
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    Led Zeppelin AC/DC

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  1. Omg! My profile pic 😂 It's a bit quiet in here.
  2. Still waiting here too...i may have to charge interest. But this is typical,i should have known better than to expect anything else!!
  3. [quote name='MacFoley wrote: jenny55 wrote: MacFoley'] He is flipping the bird at you Alma. Eats popcorn!! Popcorn is not a healthy meal! Hey who made you food police.....and what a great job!
  4. [quote name='MacFoley wrote: Alma1 wrote: Jake99']it's all about the music for me..what Bono has been doing in his spare time is fine and we need a celebrity as congenial and truthful as he is to get message to the powers that be..I don't mind the theme of poverty and AIDS being brought to the stage. It shows relevance. But during a gig, I would like to see the Bono babble notched down a bit , we get it and don't need a 15 intro speech to tell us about it..even after all of it...bottom line, comes back to the music Who is Bono flipping the bird to in this Gif? Anyone know fo
  5. I think the key word is CONCERT. I believe that to be music,singing and a bit o dancing?
  6. Where's the popcorn eating emoticon gone? lol
  7. OMG!! Do people still come here and read all this crap? Long rants about absolutely nothing.Bono is a singer,we like U2. The end!
  8. Obviously is....that's why it's a ghost town now,complete with tumbleweed!!
  9. No 'like' on here......blimey it hasn't changed round here much.I think the thread i commented in back in Zootopia is still there...hahaha!!
  10. **jumps on bandwagon** i really love you in a brotherly kinda way (im not a man) maybe that should be sisterly!
  11. Well they DID have them at Guns n Roses...so why not U2??
  12. HUGE BIG (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) FOR EVERYONE...HAVE A GREAT DAY Y'ALL XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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