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  1. Thanks for the reply Max, that's good to hear about the downloads too. Kevin, thank you for sharing your post too. Cheers ?
  2. Happy New Year to you all. I'm in the UK and like nearly everyone else, I haven't received the subscription gift that I selected back in January 2017!! Any update please U2 .com ? Rob.
  3. I think that was the case from what they said. It took a while for them to click on!! Enjoy the show if you're going. Cheers
  4. Hi all Just a heads up that most premier inns within the Twickernam/Heathrow/Richmond areas are not selling Saturday night stays only, There are rooms available, but they are selling 2 night minimum stays for the Twickernam gig. I've rang 4 different ones today and been told the same by them all. Just a little info if you're considering staying with them. Cheers, toob.
  5. Sorry magsitaxi, I had seats behind the b stage. I did think that the rail area up by the main stage looked to have a spot and a very lively crowd!! Much better for jumping about!!! But that is only my opinion. Either side near the main stage looks good.
  6. Don't be. In fairness, I was worried that our tickets were not what they were when bought last year. The stage looked to have been swapped around, leaving us with the dead spot of the screen right in front of us. Don't worry though! Even though it wasn't possible to see the screen, the b stage right next to us was amazing, and more than made up for what could have been disappointing. The band played great, bono sang really well and the set list was excellent for my liking, even hearing a couple of songs I've never previously heard live before. Excellent night in every way. Thank you U2.
  7. tooby7

    Time of show

    Band came on a couple of minutes after 8pm. Excellent show last night!!
  8. tooby7

    Level 1 block 107

    Top hints ddarroch. I'll be ringing TM tomorrow. Thank you
  9. tooby7

    Level 1 block 107

    Thanks for the reply 13 Senses. Could be an attempt to get onto the floor then!
  10. tooby7

    Level 1 block 107

    Hi. Just wondering about the seats here. Due to pre sale deadlines, these were good looking seats but now the stage plan is out, they look like being smack bang behind the band/no view of screen. I don't mind but the missus wants the full experience! Can you get down onto the floor from the seating area before the show starts if it is not a good view? I've never been to the O2 before, hence the question. Thanks everyone.
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