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  1. Or you can wait until after management decides most people aren't going to actually spend $895 for Platinum/VIP/Party Package tickets and they very subtly unannounced return those tickets to be sold for regular admission prices. At the same time they will lower the cost for tickets in other sections that are not selling as well as expected. Last tour was a fiasco with some tickets being sold at fire sale prices the closer you got to the date. You literally had people paying less than. $100 per ticket sitting next to someone who had paid over $300 in the pre-sale.....it was an embarrassment.
  2. GA - $75 + $16 fees Lower Level - $285 + $21 fees Club - $160 +$18 fees Hope this helps
  3. Great tickets are dropping on TM now for 7/14 - Club 145 AA - $297
  4. No petition to sign for me, I love paperless, all you have to do is take a look at the amount of NYC GA tickets that are being scalped, or better yet look at how many tickets are being resold on Ticketmaster's own site. Do you think these are seriously from fans that purchased tickets and then changed their mind......of course not, they're just two bit hustlers trying to make a quick buck. By the way, ticket prices are about supply and demand. With the exception of GA, every ticket being sold on the resale market should sell for way less than face value and the longer you wait the bigger
  5. Did some sections of the Wednesday show in LA get a price cut? - section 211 for example is now $118 (Still $312 for Saturday & Sunday) How would you like to be the person that paid $312?............What a PR disaster
  6. This is going to be one of those occasions you're going to thank the scalpers.....thanks to them, tickets will be available for 1/2 price as they look to unload close to the shows
  7. There is no question that many of the $300 upper level tickets are not gong to sell at that price. Management will be searching to unload them at a lower the price through other means (a la the Stones - I purchased two front row lower level a day before the show for 1/2 price) If you thought no-one was buying these tickets......wait until tickets for the new shows are made available. The only saving grace is the scalpers are going to get slaughtered..........
  8. Here's what's a joke - my laptop is still spinning, but my TM App says there are no tickets
  9. "......... I don't like paperless either, being a collector of everything......." I was at Cat Stevens last night which was also paperless and strict. Although not quite the same, It looks look more like a ticket than it has in the past and can be used as a collectible
  10. There are people with programs that steal your tickets before you can pay
  11. What makes it outrageous is when the guy one row behind you has paid $118 - check out the seating chart at the Forum
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