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  1. I would be amazed if they didn't announce more shows for UK. Dragging over the stage show for just 2 shows wouldn't make financial sense.
  2. Does anyone know if there will be a golden-circle for the shows?
  3. How do I send a friend request?

    1. mich40


      Go to their profile page; under the status, there is a "add me as a friend" tab.

    2. Mark-in-pock


      Thank you for help Mich. much appreciated!

  4. How's come it's says I've only been a member of U2.com since 2009 when the reality is different?!

    1. Anjana


      It's the same for everyone from back then, the date re-set when the site was revamped in early 2009 but U2.com will still have your original joining date even if it doesn't show up here:)

  5. What got me was the jump in membership fee (£17 last year, this year £25). I renewed anyway, and i guess that's the problem, they "know" we'll pay whatever. It might have been a less bitter pill to swallow if, for instance, it meant that U2.com subscribers could purchase "golden circle" tickets or something similar. Still, it's a bit disapointiing when you consider the current economic climate: zero pay increases, jobs under threat etc. Fingers crossed for a return to the UK in 2010 for U2 360.
  6. I dont understand why they didn't release Crazy live as the last single, it may actually have charted. The remixes that were released were, basically, dross.
  7. You could put your house on there being a DVD of the tour. Not sure if there is a need for a CD when so many good recordings are already available.
  8. 360 Live from Sheffield. What a wonderful souvenir of a memorable day!
  9. Yes it does. Football would be in a much healthier state if people supported their local club or team of city/town from where they have a connection. I'veno time for those who support a club simply because they win stuff.
  10. Elaine1202 wrote: Mark in pock wrote: Mark in pock wrote: I hope he's ok for 30th May! Anyone else disappointed with new album? Yes, and no! Getting better with each listen. Try Come Back! Oh, ok then! Watching Pulling just now, fantastic!
  11. Mark in pock wrote: I hope he's ok for 30th May! Anyone else disappointed with new album?
  12. I bet you dont live/come from Manchester either........
  13. Cant agree with you on that. NLOTH is a decent album but certainly not as good as the previous 2. The respective sales tell you that as well. I think some people are just being somewhat "over-protective" of the band, with the undue praise being heaped on the new album when in fact we knowin our hearts.........
  14. I'm another long term subscriber who still hasn't received his copy. What is going on?
  15. Elaine1202 wrote: Carry Each Other wrote: Bono is certainly lucky and blessed to have such an amazing woman at his side, so am I though. My wife is the balancing force in my world. If it weren't for her, I don't even wanna guess where I'd be right now. Aren't soul mates wonderful? I think you can only count yourself as truly blessed if you've a) found your true soul-mate and, have the opportunity to be with them. very true. x
  16. Elaine1202 wrote: All I want is you ! great song.x
  17. brettredmayne wrote: Wish there would play Sunderland as the stadium of light has an entertainment licence now. That would be a fantastic venue and with the strong Irish connection at the club would make sense. I have heard, however, that the pitch is being relaid after the Oasis gig so it appears unlikely.
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