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  1. I would be amazed if they didn't announce more shows for UK. Dragging over the stage show for just 2 shows wouldn't make financial sense.
  2. You won't be saying that when you turn 50-something! I also think it would be fair reward for long-time members of U2.com. As it stands, there seems nothing fair about the current system insomuch that it only favours those who are staying close to the venue the day before. I hope everyone enjoys the show, and gets as close to the front as they wish. M
  3. Does anyone know if there will be a golden-circle for the shows?
  4. If only for health and safety reasons, I would be surprised if there wasn't some sort of golden circle-type arrangement. It's a shame that the band don't sell tickets for a golden circle for, say, members of U2.com.
  5. I got my Black Sabbath ticket about a week before the gig from Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster do tend to send tickets out quite late.
  6. How do I send a friend request?

    1. mich40


      Go to their profile page; under the status, there is a "add me as a friend" tab.

    2. Mark-in-pock


      Thank you for help Mich. much appreciated!

  7. Still no email. I hope everyone gets what they need in tomorrow's presale.
  8. Will it be the same presale code as before?
  9. U2 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 NEWS TOUR MUSIC SHOP Dear Mark, Four more shows have been added to complete the dates on the European leg of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. The band will play second nights at Twickenham, London on July 9th, the Olympic Stadium in Rome on July 16th, the Stade de France in Paris on July 26th and the Amsterdam Arena on July 30th. Tickets for these shows will go on general sale next Monday, January 23rd. U2.com subscribers who have not yet used their unique presale ticket code will be able to enter a presale for these shows later this week - information will be emailed, tomorrow, Tuesday. Tickets for the band's North American shows go on general sale tomorrow morning, Tuesday Jan 17th. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds will provide support across Europe, with Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers and One Republic joining the tour through North America. All the latest on tickets, packages, dates and cities on our Tour Pages. best wishes The U2.com Team facebook twitter instagram youtube google+ tumbler This email is sent from Live Nation Entertainment 450 Mission Street, Ste. 300 SFCA 94105 You are receiving this email because you opted into the U2.com email list. If you would like to stop receiving emails from us, please click here to unsubscribe.
  10. Has anyone received their email about presale details for tomorrow? The email from u2.com dated 16th January refers. Cheers
  11. The so-called secondary ticket market needs direct Government intervention to sort out this outrageous practice. Unfortunately it won't happen because there is too much money to be made by those with vested interests.
  12. I emailed TM yesterday and they updated my GA tickets to incorporate collector tickets, no problem at all.
  13. I had some correspondence with Ticketmaster this afternoon and they suggested that only the presale allocation had been sold out, and it's likely that more tickets will be released for sale on Monday, though this is not guaranteed.
  14. It should be made illegal to re-sell a ticket for any more than the face value, this would put an end to the "secondary" ticket market.
  15. It looks like there are no GA tickets left now. I'm amazed they've all gone so soon!
  16. As I posted on another thread, RZ wasn't an option on the Ticketmaster site at 9.05am for the Twickenham gig. How much are they?
  17. There was no RZ option for Twickenham when I logged in at 9.05am, just GA standing tickets. I'm happy enough with GA as £80 is more than enough to pay for one gig.
  18. How much did the Red Zone cost you last time?
  19. I would go Red Zone, if I could afford it!
  20. An absolutely wonderful experience. It was great to see U2 back in an arena (not since 1983 for me!) I'm not a fan of outdoor stadiums. We were right next to the b stage, although I couldn't see all of the screens, it was great to be about 20 feet from the band. I thought the entire set was well paced, great to hear I will follow and October live again . I was a little worried that they were going to miss out One, phew, it was the last song of the night! I thought the crowd were great too, London crowds have, in the past anyway, tended to be a little reserved but not tonight! I would have liked to go to more shows but, alas, it was not to be, however, 30th October wil remain long in the memory
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