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  1. Keep in mind you can try again tomorrow (along with Wired people)--different ticket allocation.
  2. Don't have mobile app--shouldn't need one. Will try clearing cache, not optimistic. And lewisgprod, someone else posted Boston tix were available after you tried (?)
  3. Not sure that's it. My wife just tried (different account) for 1st time and still got "Can't process..."
  4. I get that once I've thrown back 2-3 tickets. TM anti-bot filters shut down access if you've done repeated searches. not sure if that's the issue you're having, but I had that while searching for single seated tix. after I hit search again the third time I could not access any tickets.. Holy ****--that's complete bull***!!
  5. Something strange is happening. Within seconds (I was Cleve.; others had similar experiences in other venues), repeatedly get "We are unable...". What's up?? It doesn't say "no tickets match your request", which is the usual message when sold out. Please advise--??? Should we keep trying, are they sold out, what?? And if they are sold out, there's something seriously wrong (way too small) with the RedHill allocation (was way better with I & E arenas!!)
  6. Don't think so (?) Think there's a problem w/the presale ("Can't process the request...).
  7. Doesn't matter--same thing happens. (We are unable...).
  8. It'll be paperless for GA and RZ tickets--probably not for seats. At least that's the way it was for I & E.
  9. mike7man


    Unlikely, I'd think--or at least, suites have never been available before at any U2 shows, ever--so likely not now.
  10. In theory is possible... but have in mind that there is the possibility that the credit card must be shown when entering the venue - and / or an ID from the cardholder... Max, what are you saying? I thought the credit card access thing meant that this was NOT possible--TM is very clear that the original purchaser must show up at the venue and go with whoever else they've bought for. Unless maybe--you're saying the brother (or other person) would need to have the SAME credit card as used to buy the ticket? So someone would have to mail their (purchasing) credit card to the other party? And even then, if the venue asks for picture ID, then what? Or--if the credit card was issued to someone who's name is clearly not the person trying to use the ticket? (e.g., of a different gender). Please explain! If this really IS possible, it would be very handy (e.g., my parents could RZ for me, but not have to go themselves).
  11. No tickets are behind the stage (unlike 360 tour). See venue diagrams.
  12. Regular GA--yes, although if you're OK w/being 5-10 rows back you could go mid- or maybe even late afternoon and get that close with little problem. With RZ, the whole RZ is pretty darn close, so unless you want to be on the RZ rail (or very close to it) you can get there much later.
  13. Who knows. Depends in part on whether they hold some RZ back for Wires (they probably will). Also, keep in mind that there will likely be a second Rose Bowl show (day after the first).
  14. mike7man


    No different than any other US venue. RZ (if I & E was any guide) will be somewhere around $300 per (with fees, I paid c. 350 on the I & E tour).
  15. I agree. For I & E the RZ was basically a waste of money; not this time around (especially with no heart/ellipse).
  16. As before, only for GA (and probably RZ).
  17. mike7man


    And US TM sites list the top "regular" price as c. $280.
  18. mike7man

    Time zones

    Yes--which means that venues in different time zones' sales will, in fact, usually start at different times (from the perspective of a ticket buyer).
  19. mike7man


    Check some of the other threads. Basically similar to recent prior tours, although info is still incomplete.
  20. Nope--that's a reseller, NOT the actual Levi's Stadium site. This is typical for resellers (and why the prices are so high). And they don't actually have any of those tix (yet).
  21. Yeah, I just checked, and Levi's stadium itself is definitely not selling any U2 tix--their website just redirects you to the TM listing. You must have been on a reselling site (these often adopt names that sound like they're the actual venue, etc.--but aren't).
  22. What?? That doesn't sound legit. Nobody actually has any tix before Weds. Maybe the stadium has some allotment which they're selling now(?). I don't know--something seriously hinky about this. We should tell the mods. I've seen resellers list (fictitious, but expected) tix before onsale dates, but never an actual venue itself.
  23. Nobody knows for sure. But these stadiums are big, so there's lots of GA--so yes, most likely they will be available Thurs., I'd say--like Max just said. If it was an arena, maybe not.Thanks! that puts my mind at ease a bit. This will be my first stadium tour. Do you have any advice for getting closer to the stage? I got lucky for I + E. Like is there a line and how early should I be there? Any advice would be appreciated. It depends on how close/maniacal you want to be. For the rail (main stage or B-stage/catwalk), arrive in the morning for sure, the earlier the better. If you're OK being a few rows back, something like noonish should do.
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