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  1. Yes, and importantly (Thank God), it looks like previously established members will still get additional priority (i.e., "RedHill" group). Only RedHill members will be able to use the Weds. presale; folks who sign up now will wait until Thursday. Yay! So dwenn, not to worry.
  2. ah, ok ... before we couldn't do that because of the fact that the companies selling the tickets were different for each venue (eg. country). What jojes says is true. Actually, as I recall, it was even more complicated, because with some European dates you could mix and match (i.e., if they had the same promoter/agent/whatever), whereas with others you couldn't. I really hope that we get clear info on this super-soon; there isn't much time. Mich40, are you sure?
  3. I know nothing's official yet, but some significant rumors suggest that U2 will release Songs of Experience later this year (2017), to be followed by another I & E tour--but back in arenas, like in 2015. In other words, it's possible that another US (I & E, not Joshua Tree) leg may happen in Fall 2017. With this in mind, should we fan club members be concerned about "saving" presale codes for this later (but still 2017) tour? Or would new presale codes be issued for such shows? This is important, because it affects how we use our presale codes now for the Joshua Tree tour. So mods--can you help? As you know, Joshua Tree presale starts very soon (less than two days), so any info would help!
  4. In my prior (pretty extensive) experience, the way to avoid such hassles is for the spouses to use different credit cards. My wife and I have done this for many prior U2 tours and never had any issues. If insteadyou use the same credit card, who knows, but there's at least some chance of running into problems.
  5. Took a look today at the link Mich40 posted, and the iheart festival will indeed be live streamed (both video and radio)--check the link. U2 is performing Friday; the live video feed (of Friday night's lineup, presumably starting with other acts) begins at 10:00 EST.
  6. Wow. This would totally suck if true. Unfortunately, it'd fit with various other things (like lots more seats being in higher-price VIP categories, lots more top-price-tier seats in general) that are bad news with the new regime. Sucks.
  7. Good point. Wow, I forgot all about the documenatary. As far as I know, it hasn't come out/been shown (??). Anybody know anything to the contrary?
  8. Wouldn't hold our breaths, unfortunately. None of the other single-venue shirts (e.g., Chicago, NYC) have shown up in the fanfire store (at least not yet...).
  9. That will be very difficult, given that they are credit-card-entry only tickets, right? The original ticketholder must attend (but could have a guest, if you have two tix--so maybe you can swap 1 w/someone else who has 2 for the other show).
  10. This situation has arisen a jillion times in the past (including myself on various prior tours)--and as far as I know, nobody's ever had any problems, confirming that the presale and general sale are completely different entities.
  11. While I'd definitely like more variety, less scriptedness, etc. as well, for me the real issue is (IMHO) I don't think they are playing that well now--either instrumentally or vocally. When they're playing well, I don't care about the other issues, because I'm simply transported by the mind-blowing-goodness of the music. And for those above who say this tour is (e.g.) better than 360, compare the playing/singing on, for example, the Nashville TN US 2011 gig with any show from the SOI tour. IMHO, the SOI gigs aren't even close to the better 360 (or better Vertigo, or better Elevation) performances. I did just download a boot of London 3, and that sounds a bit better than earlier in the tour, which is good--but still nowhere near the level of at least a decent percentage of shows from earlier tours.
  12. After some variation, eventually things settled down in the US such that RZ was let in just after regular GA--so, if desired, you could go into regular GA and still get a great spot. I'm not positive, but I believe this has been the practice in the fall Europe leg as well.
  13. Re Zoo Station, I hear you--which also speaks to the perennial "spontaneity" issue.
  14. I must admit that I'm not a fan of the "Joey Ramone" track either. For that matter, although I think it's a serious effort (and hence deserves respect), I'm not that crazy about SOI in general. It's taken me forever to really figure out how I feel about SOI, actually. Clearly, a lot of effort went into the writing, and there are many decent songs on the record. But, for me, I just don't care that much about the whole "looking back" theme, and the songs themselves (and especially the arrangments/production) generally sound way too "normal" to be particularly interesting for the most part. That said, I do think EBW (especially the version they're performing, definitely not the original recording, although I like the remix much better) is first-class, and I'm also a big fan of Lucifer's Hands. There's a lot to be said for The Troubles and Iris, too. But much of the rest of SOI sounds like a bunch of different groups could have made it--just not very distinctive. Personally, I'm concerned that U2 is too worried about being "relevant" (i.e., popular), and that that's exerting a "blandifying" influence on their work. IMHO, though, the main problem with the current tour is that (at least in the shows I've attended--Chicago I - IV--and in various other US leg bootlegs I've heard from this year) they just don't sound that good, relative to earlier tours. Compare, for example, with many shows from the 360 tour--especially the 2011 US leg from about Chicago on. So far on this tour, to my ears, Bono's vocals are not up to par, and even more importantly, the whole band just hasn't quite "jelled" yet, performance-wise. Who knows, but I wonder if Bono's accident/rehab put a dent in his/their preparation that they haven't quite recovered from yet. Plus, I'm not thrilled with the second set/encore structure--to me, it just doesn't hang together/build the way it has in the past (a bit better now, with the addition of October and Zooropa, for sure), but rather sounds more like a bunch of hits thrown together--at least from Streets on. I'm especially not loving the encore songs--particularly with the One/ISHFWILF "sing-along" ending, which to me basically ruins some otherwise great songs. Let's face it, sing-alongs rarely sound good (especially for the majority of the entire song, for heaven's sake), and I'm there to hear the band. Not thrilled with COBL and BD in the encore either, so to me the encores have really not done it for me. Overall, I truly hate to say it, but so far this is my least favorite tour. Haven't really listened much yet to shows from the Europe leg--am hoping they sound better than in the US leg, which seemed consistently mediocre (for them) to me. And hey, the Pop tour took a while to finally jell, so let's keep our fingers crossed! For me, if they start performing better, my feelings about all this could change big-time.
  15. With the Dublin setup (vs. other venues, including Belfast), not much. If I were you, I'd use my MGZ ticket to go directly into regular GA and get a great spot either by the main stage or the b-stage. Just make sure you're in the MGZ line in time to be let in as soon as MGZ is allowed on the floor (which will be just moments after regular GA, most likely). Plus, if you get tired of regular GA (e.g., it gets too close/crowded), you can always fall back to the MGZ.
  16. U2 has always (or at least for many years) been pretty scripted in performance--although at the same time, they still genuinely shake things up periodically. In any case, I certainly don't see their performing scriptedness (particularly since it's nothing at all new) as any reason for them to "call it a day"--rather, that would be when they lose interest in making and performing serious new music. And there's no sign of that, is there? And this is not a question of having anything left to prove, which of course they don't.
  17. I'd say there is no single best place, due to the stage/show design. If you're close to the main stage, you won't see them very well when they're down at the b-stage, and vice versa. If you're in the middle, you'll have a great view of the catwalk, but be a ways from either the main or b-stages. Also, because the band is all over the place at various points, folks in general admission are also spread around quite a bit. So, unlike previous tours, there's no huge concentration of folks up against the main stage area. Consequently, you can arrive at, say, 5 or even 6:00 and end up just a few rows back basically anywhere on the floor. Most folks who've commented on the new setup have suggested that it's simply no longer necessary to get there very early to get a very good spot (I agree). It depends on whether it's worth it to you to spend another 4-6 hours (or more) in line to be right on the rail (vs. maybe a row or two behind that).
  18. Don't think this will change. They waited forever to come up with this, and have had the experience of the US leg to really come to grips with various parameters, etc.
  19. As usual, excellent observations/advice from ddarroch. What s/he said.
  20. Hi ddarroch-- Re the Dublin presale, wow. Maybe I'd heard something about what you mention above before, but what you say really brings it home (i.e., citing your own direct experience of being offerred another code despite having already used yours). By the way, major kudos to you for not using it. Anyway, if this happened on any scale, I'm sure you're right than many folks probably indeed "double-dipped", which could have reduced the available presale tix pool considerably--helping to explain why so many folks w/"genuine" presale codes left couldn't get Ireland tix. Holy smokes. Has anyone started a major thread about this? The mods might be able to help put some pressure on Live Nation to rectify the situation. Regarding next year, hard to say regarding demand--mainly because, since SOI was distributed to consumers for free, it's hard to compare SOI to, say, NLOTH for popularity, etc. If they do arenas again, what you say sounds reasonable. But they (I think) could easily do stadiums instead--with at least one show in lots of the major markets they did this time, and other single shows in various parts of the country (like the south) where they didn't go this past US leg (because demand there hasn't been tapped yet, basically). Also, I think demand for arenas would have been significantly greater (e.g., in LA) if the shows hadn't been so expensive.
  21. Good questions. For Belfast, the MGZ (called "Red Zone" in the US) are in the same location they were for the US. Folks' opinions differed in the US, but in my opinion, with this location, the main reason to get MGZ tix would be that you're let into the MGZ just a minute or two after regular GA is let in. Given that MGZ can leave there and enter regular GA at will (and return), this gives MGZ people pretty much their pick (almost) of regular GA positions. For Dublin, you're right, now the MGZ tix appear to simply be at the back of regular GA; it's hard to see this as being a good thing. Although, as mentioned above, you do have more room/space, which is nice.
  22. I'm really surprised that some folks who saved their presale codes for Dublin didn't end up w/Dublin tix--huge bummer for you guys, for sure. Maybe lots of folks saved their codes? I can't figure out why anyone w/codes got shut out, otherwise. Very unusual, for sure. I'd say it's 99%+ that there will be another US leg (in 2016), along with various other legs--just like in previous tours. The last word on this (I think) came from Edge a while ago, where he said he thought they'd be doing stadiums (not arenas) next year--but again, that was a while ago. If they do arenas, I doubt very much they'd come to Michigan--I think it'd be similar to the just-completed leg (multiple shows but only in very large markets). If they do stadiums, check out where they played on the 360 tour for the best idea of where they'd likely play this (next) time. Even then, given that they generally only two US legs/tour, they'd probably mainly be in major markets.
  23. Definitely you should be there earlier (unless you want to take a serious chance of not being on the RZ rail). More like 3 (or 4 at the latest) would be good.
  24. It wasn't that way in the US (don't know about Europe shows so far).
  25. I have no idea what the YouTube sound (or video) for that show will be like (hope it's good). I'd check (for this and many other audio bootlegs) u2start.com--that's where I got it. It also occurred to me that maybe one reason I haven't realized that sound in England hasn't been good is that I've heard some good bootlegs that were radio broadcasts (e.g., the 360 Don Valley show from Sheffield). This sounds great--but it's radio (not an audience bootleg), so maybe the sound if you were actually in the audience wasn't great (?)
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