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  1. I'd bet money those are placeholders for additional shows they expect to add in those locations. It's a certainty they will be adding significantly more shows, at least in some locations. And in the past, usually these added just "pop up" on TM as the announced shows sell out (on regular onsale days), with no opportunity to use presale codes.
  2. It looks like the Fan Bundles will work like they did in past tours--basically, a way to join "on the spot" through TM and get the 2 tix presale access then. Totally irrelevant if you're already a member (you can't have two memberships). BUT--if you look closely at the onsale times, note that Fan Bundles don't start until something like 3:00 PM Friday. I'd bet (this isn't clear yet, but it worked this way last time) that new members (e.g., if you sign up right now) will get presale access at 10:00 AM local time Friday--thus having better selection than joining through the Fan Bundle route. Now, I know that the time for the Fan Bundle for Toronto looks like it's the same time as the regular presale. I'd bet that's an error that will be corrected. Otherwise, it would make no sense to join the fanclub now (at least for those shows). On the VIP front, those are often quite expensive. It'd be a bit of a nail-biter, but I'd be tempted NOT to use the presale for those (but for regular tix instead), and then go for regular VIP onsale times if you want to do VIP. But that's just me. Also, let's all keep in mind that there WILL be significantly more shows added--in places like Chicago and NYC. Although, often those just "show up" on TM as the initial shows sell out, with no opportunity to use presale codes. On the other hand, if you're vigilant, you can just get tix for them on the spot anyway.
  3. The whole camping/waiting way in advance thing for GA may be (mostly) irrelevant for this tour. Look at the seating charts (e.g., for the United Center). There is no "inner circle" to try to get into, and the show in "in the round", so there's no clear "front" to the GA/Floor. Hard to figure/strategize, but it looks significantly less important to be there (really) early for GA.
  4. I'm in the US, and considering using my presale code to buy tix for an O2 show in London. Am I allowed to do this? If so, how? (The Europe shows don't show up on US ticketmaster). Thanks--
  5. I've got a similar issue--two, actually: 1) My father and I have the same first and last names, but different addresses/credit cards. Is there any risk to him joining (i.e., our tix being cancelled because we have the same name and our addresses are in the same area--but not identical). 2) My mother (who lives with my father) is already a member. If my father joins, it's obviously at the same address, and could be the same credit card. Any problem there? Or maybe they should try to use different credit cards?? Thanks!
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