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  1. Despite Max's caution, it's worth saying that for both 360 and I & E the answer was yes. Indeed, there's really no way to stop RZ people from doing this (unless they didn't let you leave RZ at all, which won't happen).
  2. Right. The general point being that it is very likely (if the past is any guide) that the "will-call" label is misleading--that is, w/RZ tix, one very likely CANNOT "pick up" one's tickets in advance and leave, come back before the show, etc. (as one can with "typical" will-call tix). Basically, RZ function much like regular CCE tickets.
  3. Yeah, I think your tix will become resellable after the general onsale begins (especially if similar tix were resellable from LA1). They're seats, right? GA aren't resellable, period (except Boston, which was all non-CCE tix).
  4. Seems like they're all either paper or (maybe) e-tickets? No CCE as in the US?
  5. While the regular presales for (e.g.) Chicago 2 now correctly show Weds. for Red Hill and Thurs. for Wires, there's another "Fan Club VIP presale" which does NOT distinguish between RH and Wires (same time as regular RH presale time). I also notice that for London 2, there's just two presale times (for all ticket types)--RedHill tomorrow, Wires. Thurs. This is how it should be done for US dates. All tickets, regardless of type (i.e., including RZ/VIP) should be sold under the general RH vs. Wires umbrella (on separate days). The extra "VIP presale" is completely redundant and could simp
  6. Actually, on second thought, it is conceivable they might add another US city. I notice an odd 8-day gap before the 1st Chicago show; something completely new could conceivably go in there (although I doubt it).
  7. Yes, you can. Just look at the options on your lower right.
  8. Yeah, but so far, there's still no separate RedHill & Wires presales for the RZ/VIP tix--which sucks. The easiest solution would be for TM to simply remove that category ("Fan Club VIP presale"), since all ticket types show up when you make a normal ticket search anyway. What I'm saying is simply that RedHill and Wires should have separate presale times for ALL ticket types, not just seats & regular GA.
  9. Yep--they're not allowing reselling of GA or RZ tix at all. But the seats were also CCE to begin with (different from I & E tour, where they were hard tix). There are a few venues that were different (e.g., Boston was all paper, no CCE-!)
  10. Pretty much zero, unfortunately. The only possible exception might be another show in Ireland, given that they could only schedule one at Croke Park.
  11. No--see my immediately prior post (just before yours, Anna). All the resale tix you see on TM were first bought by regular purchasers (sometimes including scalpers), and were CCE then. These tix were then posted on TM's reselling mechanism (by the original purchaser). The tix (only seats are resellable), when bought by another buyer, are then reissued to them, and then they own the CCE seats. Basically, the only way to sell U2 seats (for most venues) is through this resale mechanism (unless you can meet your buyer at the venue and go in with them yourself).
  12. I think the TM resale tickets are not CC entry they are regular seats. Nope--they're CCE. When tickets are resold through TM they are reissued to the new buyer--then they're CCE for them.
  13. Thanks! Sorry, I just PM'd you about this (which I just deleted)--forgot I'd already posted about the RZ/VIP "merged presale" problem, and I see you answered here. Thanks for passing these concerns along; we'll hope for the best, and of course please keep us informed.
  14. Apparently not--even though Boston does have a clear day right after that a 2nd show could fit in (unlike Toronto).
  15. noted. AND--please make sure that the RZ/VIP onsale date is ALSO different for RH & Wires members! And remember that there were many venues (e.g., Chicago) that sold RZ/VIP to EVERYONE starting at the RH time! These are major problems--and since RZ is the most desirable, really important to have those be members-only in the presale, AND separate the RH and Wires presale times for these as well.
  16. Not enough time after 1st Toronto date to add 2nd date there (next regular show--Boston--is only 2 days later). The 2nd US dates are LA, Chicago, and NJ--looks like it.
  17. What etrent said. Right now, the 2nd shows for Chicago and NJ/NYC (LA not up yet), show ALL presale times as the same (RedHill, Wires, and even FanClub bundle)--same issue as with London #2 initially. So, that needs to be fixed. In particular, at the very least, RH should be first (tomorrow), with Wires on Thursday. Personally, I'd even like to see the FanClub bundle moved after Wires (say to noon), although I guess the first time around TM had it at the same time as Wires. AND--the same should go for the "VIP FanClub Access". Those should also be staggered for the RedHill and Wires g
  18. No, there are no added tix (and actually, I think you're wrong about I & E--I don't recall more tix being added to those codes either. If they had, I would have bought more tix, for sure). If you bought 4 the first round, you're done.
  19. Wow. The app seems to work better than regular online. I was on earlier than you and didn't get either RZ or GA. Aargh.
  20. The ticket info says will call, but very likely it's more restricted than that. If they do it like I & E, you meet up with a U2-RZ coordinator person close to the RZ entrance (which is separate), and basically have to go in with your entire party, etc. If memory serves me correctly, you can't, for example, show up a few hours in advance and actually pick up your RZ tickets and leave, etc. It's still CCE. The "will call" thing mainly refers to meeting w/the coordinator, etc.
  21. Again, you could well be right, but my TM rep, speaking specifically of my GA tix, said they would be. So we're 1 vs. 1 on the TM front so far. We'll see tomorrow--
  22. As of 7:45 EST US, London presales are still listed incorrectly (i.e., at the same time).
  23. Yeah, but my TM rep (contrary to yours) said that CCE would be sellable once the public onsale began. I guess we'll just have to see tomorrow.
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