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  1. Well, it won't be U2...renewed subscription again last year, in anticipation of getting tickets for Toronto, then the listings came out - nowhere near Toronto - have been a member for 15 years, but won't be renewing, especially now that this favourite band, who supposedly believes scripture, sure seem wishy washy on several issues, especially the big ones that are so politically correct now - which is ironic, thought they were always able to not be politically correct if they didn't have to be - they were always able to speak/see truth.
  2. Doctor Nick: Here is a terrific video - a great defense for pro-life - you can you tube more from ben Shapiro - I love how the host - the other guy - is honestly trying to understand, and that each of them are friendly, even more so how Ben is just defending the truth, not attacking - or making it his agenda to make the other guy change his mind - he offers logical reasoning and gives time for the listener to think on that - and to argue the reasoning - it is bewildering how some can follow that logic and come up pro choice - which at that point someone just says they're going to do what
  3. I can respect what you believe and agree to disagree for sure..... I do believe in evidence based science too - scripture supports all scientific findings - like life beginning at conception and continuing through all points of a pregnancy. It's man who twists them - there is something inside of man, that no matter if God himself told a person to his face, they'd still choose not to believe Him, b/c it means they'd have to face up to a whole lot of stuff. If you don't believe the scriptures, of course they're not your base for any 'moral' decisions, how could it be ? I agree rel
  4. Majority for anything doesn't mean something is right. It's just our world getting further away from God, our creator. Tell me why you don't hear about the plight of those who have had abortions. The news doesn't cover that - there aren't any reports of how things are just great for them. The reason I started this thread was to basically ask one question: I was just wondering how U2, Bono, who reads the scriptures and believes can come to the conclusion that this is ok - along with several other issues, the band acts contrary to scripture, going with a post-modern society rather than the
  5. Excellent Video, thank you for sharing - if we can step into each other's world's a little, and share from the heart, we can really change the world - I watched on you tube highlights from the first two shows - wow, 27 songs - wish i could go to see this tour, but not coming to our city, Toronto. thought i'd get good seats but i'd have to travel to montreal, or jersey, or chicago, so didn't purchse tickets - thinking they might add us later, now it's a little too far,
  6. Hey - I'm sorry it upset you so much you couldn't sleep. I am glad that we're able to converse about it - whether we agree or not. Just like all inclusiveness, we have to allow both sides to believe what they choose to believe. I don't know what OP stands for. I agree with you guys about ISIS, evil etc. say if they set off a bomb killing people and then say God wills it - is crazy, God never wills that. The quote from Genesis, you replied that was in the Old Testament, and not the new, is actually in the New as well. Remember Jesus repeated that statement in the gospels. I;m not attacking peop
  7. Hey, never, never called you unequal - everyone has a right to choose to believe/live their life - Just to answer a question you had, about where in the bible does it say.....there are tonnes - In Genesis it does say that God created man in his own image - male and female he created them...and for this reason a man shall leave his mother and father and be united to his wife. So I can believe this is true just like any other person can ignore, or believe something else.
  8. Absolutely, they need our prayers and help. I love your eagerness for God's word. That's where the authority lies. Nobody deserves to be treated in any abusive way. If someone abuses someone else, is that a sin? Would you call it that? or would you say that you have no right to judge someone's actions. You mentioned above that nobody has the right to point at anyone and say what they are doing in wrong? .I disagree. I believe you can say something is wrong without pointing the finger and calling them a sinner. That's up to God. (First take out the log in my own eye before pointing out the spec
  9. Thanks - I love the line you inserted - As for me, I never really edited anything, didn't have a lot of time, and I don't want it to come off as an attack - I know the enemy is not flesh & blood and that I can't change a person's viewpoint - that's God's department. It's so easy to get into a back and forth argument online, which ends up pretty much pointless - but I believe if you don't bring God into the picture, well you're labouring in vain. The battle is spiritual not vs people. On the new tour, Bono brings back MacPhisto - during 'Acrobat' - MacPhisto (devil) basically says to the cr
  10. I want to try to put it out there, what God might be thinking, yes the God of scripture, and how He is feeling about the latest decisions/stands of U2. Someone out there, can you help me to understand how this group can lean the way they have lately? No doubt, they have done so much for Social Justice throughout their career, and since they do profess a Christian faith, how does that continue to play out as time continues. As a young boy, growing up in the faith myself, it was amazing to see - that this band who took on governments, racists, etc. also stood for what God stood for in scripture
  11. last year's is no good, only for the josh tree tour - now over if new places are announced, you'll get a different presale code if you want to use it for that new location - but if no show in TO, and that's the only place you can get to , then you're out the membership fee like me - i thought they would be coming to TO, so I renewed, otherwise i wouldn't have
  12. I have my pre-sale code still - I'm not crazy about driving to Montreal. And besides, there's only nosebleed seats left. If they don't come to TO, then I guess I'm out the money. Hope they come September etc. Was happy they announced the Europe Leg. Maybe there's hope for another N..A. segment -
  13. It has nothing to do with hockey, and even so, they could still come on a 2nd leg later in the summer or fall etc. are you sure they are not coming to toronto - i got my subscription renewed and verified with ticketmaster through u2.com membership, thinking when the pre sale started, a toronto show would be listed - am i supposed to wait until toronto is listed? i didn't buy montreal tickets or new jersey/chicago when they went on sale b/c i would rather not travel that far?
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