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  1. Hi there! I need 2 GA tix for the 7/31 show! If anyone has two to sell, please reply here or inbox me. I would love these tickets!!
  2. Hi there! Does anyone have 2 GA Tickets they would like to sell for the NYC show on 7/31? Please let me know! Inbox me or reply here. I need these tix! Thanks!
  3. Hello and welcome fellow U2 fan!
  4. When I went alone to the Vegas show in 09, I posted that I would be doing so and wanted to know if anyone else was doing the same and wanted to hang out together in the line. I received 2 responses; one of which was staying at the same hotel and shared her chairs and gave me a ride to the hotel after the show and another that picked me up early in the morning and gave me a ride to the stadium. We all had a great time hanging out all day and night. Fast forward to June 2011... I received a text from one of them that had an extra ticket to the Anaheim 1 show. So I flew out to Anaheim and had ano
  5. So sad that this tour is coming to an end. I feel blessed to have seen 7 shows during the 360 tour, not as many as most but blessed nonetheless. The 2 most memorable shows for me have been Vegas in 2009 and Philly 2011. Vegas was awesome because I met some wonderful Zootops on the forums and met up with them there. I live in Houston and went to the show alone. It was so awesome to spend the day in the queue with fellow diehards and then to make it to the 2nd row together in the inner circle, right in front of Bono and The Edge all night was stellar. Philly was awesome, too. It was my last show
  6. Out of the 3 shows (Denver, Anaheim 1 and Philly)that I went to on this leg of the tour, I would say that Philly was the best!
  7. Loved the Letterman appearance! I have been suffering from post-concert depression since the Philly show and seeing them on Letterman last night was a nice buffer.
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